Ashley Howden


One of the many things KJR’s CEO and true renaissance man Ashley is known for, is helping run international pentathlon organisations. The pentathlon is a multi-disciplined sport requiring singular focus and drive, which also happens to make a great metaphor for his career to date. After starting out as a sports psychologist, then journalist, Ash moved to the UK at 25 to build businesses and hasn’t stopped since. 

From early work in magazines and PR, he went on to make a name for himself in first-generation ecommerce before being headhunted for digital marketing and founding a fast-growing social media company. These days you can find him steering KJR from strength to strength, working with people who amaze him by solving tech problems others can’t seem to fathom. 

When he’s not at KJR, he’s sitting on boards for the tourism, healthcare and sports industries sharing his abilities as an agent for positive change. Despite the peripatetic nature of his career trajectory, a common thread runs through: a firm belief CEOs shouldn’t be hiding in offices ­– they should be either inspiring people with honest, practical guidance or out there bringing in new business.