Lyndon Cawood


Lyndon is a seasoned finance professional who has been dedicated to KJR almost since day one (ten years and counting). His integral strength is his way of managing monetary growth and people with equal insight. It’s an approach that’s guided by the philosophy that if you ‘give them the right information, they’ll always make the right decision in the end’. And for this information to be deemed ‘right’, it needs to be gathered using airtight processes (which is where his degree in computing comes in handy). 

Lyndon’s track record facilitating stable growth has seen him sought-after in the food, music, retail, and nightclub industries. But he’s stuck with KJR because he hates seeing people waste time replicating inefficiency. And his team share his belief in the integrity that comes with frank advice and exacting standards. Aside from the satisfaction gleaned from believing in what you do, working with KJR gives him a chance to indulge in conversations about the latest gadgetry and tech news on a daily basis. It also means he’s free to replicate his exacting standards in footy tipping.