Saskia Fairfull


Saskia is an expert in branded experience with a keen eye for the creative. Her first job was crafting Big Pineapple parfaits, and she hasn’t stopped striving to delight and inspire ever since. In fact, being a people person with a well-honed aesthetic intuition is what makes her such a unique asset. After joining KJR in 2011 and excelling as the marketing and events planner, she soon advanced to the marketing manager role. Then, as digital landscapes and information technology kept evolving in line with people’s lived experience, she recognised the need to create a new role for KJR: the Chief Experience Officer. As CXO she uses her abilities in graphic design and marketing to enliven and unify the transition from the screens to the streets. A big part of her job is zooming out from traditional marketing tactics and having open, people-focused conversations. Whether she’s using her creative nous to make collaborative projects sing or developing her women-focused event series XX in Tech, she knows life isn’t always lived in ones and zeros. And she can always be relied upon to get a project swirling in everyone’s imagination.