No-one left behind


KJR’s vision is to facilitate a future where organisations have the confidence to embrace change, so they’re always delivering exceptional experiences. With that, we’re committed to providing flexible access to the best knowledge in the software quality space so that internal teams are equipped with the skills they need to continuously advance digital programs.

Building digital confidence.

Coaching and Training 

KJR offers in-house training to organisations seeking to up-skill their staff. With a focus on building real-world understanding and practical skills, our courses are delivered by experienced practitioners and can be tailored to your organisational context. Courses can be scheduled to suit you, and are suitable for groups of 4-15 people,   

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Agile testing and test management
  • Practical test automation
  • Practical performance testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • Test environment management
  • ISTQB Foundation
  • ISTQB Agile Extension

Process Improvement

Developing your organisational capability often requires a deeper change than up-skilling a few teams. KJR can support you in your maturity journey with a range of process improvement packages.

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Lean and Agile process adoption
  • Test Process Improvement (TPI)

How else we can help