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Our graduates are encouraged to think further and will be provided with the learning, mentoring, client and project experience needed to cultivate a successful career as an IT consultant.

As a KJR graduate you will learn from an extremely talented bunch of technologists and support their work across a range of long-established and leading-edge IT solutions. Together we will develop your skills in the Software and Automation Testing, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data spaces, so that you can forge a future that is truly your own.

You will work in a fun and friendly environment supported by the wider KJR Collective who are always happy to help, and will have the chance to collaborate with expert consultants on a variety of projects for major client groups.

There is continuous opportunity to up-skill and we will support your endeavours in becoming industry certified. With offices across QLD, ACT, NSW and VIC there is flexibility when launching your career with KJR.

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Meet Our Grads

Meet Jait

Jait Jacob

- Consultant

Jait expressed his interest in a career with KJR on the back of his studies with RMIT University a short year ago. He was offered a Graduate Junior Consultancy role with the Victorian Collective thereafter and has flourished into an all-encompassing IT professional.  

His grit and resolve have expanded his skillset past foundational programming and into the test automation territory, helping him build a portfolio of major projects for several corporate and government clients. From day one Jait has shown enthusiasm when learning and experiencing a list of technology systems that he now uses to consult his clients in quality and assurance.  

In addition to his technical skills, Jait has evolved his talents in strategy and project coordination. He has worked closely with Victoria’s General Manager Anil Kumar, Principal Consultant Xian Wang as well as our Senior Consultants to deliver projects across the many service areas KJR specialises in, and has been mentored by the wider collective who have enlightened his value as an IT consultant. 

Jait is currently working in test automation and hopes to keep developing his skills in this area, as well as in the DevOps space.  

What projects have you worked on so far?
I’ve worked mostly as a QA consultant. I’ve worked with a Risk management software company, as well as on eSIM and Onboarding for a major corporate client, and in EMS Automation for a government client.  

What skills have you developed? 
I’ve developed a good understanding of different domains specifically telecommunication and government space along with technical skills such as C#, NUnit, and Postman for API testing.  
I’ve also honed my ‘attention to detail’ and ability to think on multiple fronts. As a consultant, you need to develop a knack to break/explore projects and report them accurately.  

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR? 
The people within the KJR Collective- they are always there to support me in terms of ability to deliver or by coaching me on how to be a professional.  

I also enjoy that there is a multiple projects rotation, which means I’ve got something exciting and challenging to take on every now and then.  

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR? 
Apply regardless of your experience! You can learn most of the stuff on the job if you are curious enough. 


Meet Minju

Minju Kang

- Consultant

Minju Kang started her journey with KJR at the start of 2021 and has brought tenacity, determination and a willingness to learn in every project she has worked on. Although her background was in developing website and mobile applications, Minju applied herself with enthusiasm and has started to develop her skills as a maturing IT professional across a number of service areas. 

Not long into her Graduate role with KJR, Minju was given the opportunity to up-skill in VDML and was flown to the Gold Coast to assist with training an AI-ML model at our sister company, Datarwe. She was closely mentored by KJR CTO, and Datarwe QA Officer, Mark Pedersen as well as KJR Founder and Datarwe CTO Kelvin Ross, in the process of training a model that would detect the topics of articles, based on key words indicated in the articles text. Minju also worked alongside Datarwe’s Senior Data Scientists from which she got a deeper understanding of the project life-cycle and how important her work as an AI-ML tester is for providing real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Minju is now back at the ACT Collective where she is working on front-end development for web applications using AWS and React. At KJR Minju hopes to grow her skills in software development and software engineering.

What projects have you worked on so far?
I’ve been engaged in two projects so far. One of them was frontend development for a web application using AWS services and React. This project is for truck drivers to track their fatigue while they are driving so they can lower their risk of crashing. The second one was an NLP project where we trained a language model to predict topics of a given text. I worked on analysing and training a various language model to improve the accuracy using python.

What skills have you developed?
I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in cloud computing utilising AWS services. As an AWS partner, KJR supports us to have experience with them and provides us with opportunities to improve our skills. I’ve had hands-on experience with AWS platforms in projects, and recently qualified as a Cloud Practitioner. I am now studying to get my AWS Certified Developer- Associate Certification.

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR?
People care about your work-life balance and your professional growth. I’ve been learning a lot from working with amazing and experienced people in the team.

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering starting their careers with KJR? 
As a consultant, there would be things that you have to learn on the fly. I had no experience in Natural Language Processing when I joined KJR, but I’ve put lots of effort into understanding it, and we have successfully delivered the outcome every time. It is challenging but always a rewarding experience. Joining KJR, you might face new challenges but don’t be afraid to explore them and take it as your opportunity to grow your skills. Also, be proactive to learn and chat to other people for help when you get stuck because they will be more than happy to help you. 


Meet Conrad

Conrad Apostol

- Consultant

Conrad expressed interest in a career with KJR after learning of our strong roots in testing and our developing capabilities across the Automation, DevOps, and Cybersecurity spaces. Upon completing a short course in cybersecurity, he joined our collective as an intern with hopes of forging a clear direction for his career. Within a month he found such direction as a QA analyst on a testing project for a major retail client of KJR.

Despite his background in application support handling leading propriety ERP systems and implementing functionalities in production environments, Conrad leaped at the opportunity to work in the manual testing space. He has dedicated his time and efforts into learning all he can about testing and is enthusiastic about establishing a career in Quality Assurance. 

He has shown great involvement within the collective and a great determination for growth. Conrad isn’t afraid to ask questions or for advice from our experienced consultants, as well as the VIC GM Anil Kumar, which has allowed him to mature into a confident test consultant and IT professional.

Conrad is working towards developing a strong foundation in testing but beyond this is interested in building into the Automation and DevOps spaces.

What projects have you worked on so far? 
I started out shadowing an automation project for a large government client but I have now been deployed as a QA analyst on a project for a high-end entertainment, hotels+ casino. In this role I am responsible for testing aspects like discovery, writing test cases, execution, and raising bugs which gives me an end-to-end perspective of how testing is involved in the SDLC. 

What skills have you developed? 
I am currently learning C#, as well as automation and testing frameworks, which were required of my automation project, and am eager to start applying them. I have also developed some of the skills I already had in project coordination. As a tester I have become better at understanding business processes, as well as writing and executing test cases. This has helped me to better identify and raise issues to improve the delivery of developments. 

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR?  
The Collective. KJR has elevated my expectations in that I am gaining valuable experience through a steady workload while truly enjoying it. I appreciate having the support of my mentors and colleagues who make me feel at ease when I am at work but also have lots of fun. I always look forward to office day just to spend time with the collective and to bond over great lunches. 

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR?
KJR is a great starting point for anyone looking to begin their career. The culture is supportive and encourages technical development as well as personal growth. Not to mention the collective are a fun and friendly bunch. My advice is to be yourself, be open to whatever comes your way, and to keep learning. 

Meet Ji

Ji Yu

- Consultant

Ji joined KJR as an intern in 2021 and has demonstrated sheer determination in her journey to becoming a well-rounded IT professional. Since joining, Ji has assembled an impressive arsenal of technical skills and flourished into a maturing IT professional with experience across a number of service areas.

With a background in UI and UX development for web applications Ji has brought individual experience to the KJR collective. Her skills have been of great value to the projects she’s worked on including KJR inhabited AI-ML health and safety project, FatigueM8. Ji has worked closely with ACT/NSW GM Andrew Hammond and Senior Consultants to support the design of a smart steering wheel that tracks fatigue in truck drivers. 

Always up for a challenge, Ji continues to practice her skills on diversified work which has given her a deeper understanding on relevant application. In addition to the technical, she has also expanded her time management capabilities from working on multiple projects. 

Ji has come a long way and is well positioned to mature into a confident, capable consultant. Her current goal is to keep learning and gain more experience with cloud computing, front end development and machine learning.

What projects have you worked on so far? 

I’ve been working on a project called FatigueM8. It is an exciting project that utilises AI-ML technologies to monitor the health and fatigue of truck drivers to ensure safety on the roads. I oversee the development of the solutions website and support the senior consultants on back-end management.

What skills have you developed? 

I have developed skills in AWS Cloud, JavaScript, React.js and am currently working on developing my skills in Python. I recently became AWS Cloud Practitioner certified, which is a proud achievement. During my time at KJR I have up-skilled in VDML; I really appreciate the companies help when providing us with training courses such as these. I have also developed better time management skills from working between multiple projects. 

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR?
I really appreciate the culture of KJR. Everyone is willing to help, share knowledge, and they respect each other. Our manager is always caring about each individual as well as the collective. 

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR? 

I strongly recommend to apply even if you think that you may not be a good fit. Since KJR do cover a wide range of tech areas, you may be able to help KJR and provide solutions to clients.


Meet SeungHyun

SeungHyun Roh

- Consultant

SeungHyun commenced as an Intern with KJR in 2020 and seized every opportunity that came his way to learn and develop his skills across several service areas. He has demonstrated great determination and initiative while working across a number of projects and trained in AWS S3, Dynamodb and Lambda software, as well as Python.  

Apart from technical skills, SeungHyun has committed time and effort to understand the project lifecycle and modes of communication with important stakeholders. He has worked closely with ACT/NSW GM Andrew Hammond and KJR Founder Kelvin Ross on projects that utlilise artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to power real-world solutions. Including Fatigue M8 project that utilises AI-ML to train a smart steering wheel to detect changes in truck driver fatigue for improved safety on the roads, as well as on a health resourcing dashboard with KJR’s affiliate company Datarwe. 

Before entering the tech world SeungHyun served as a Sergeant in the Republic of Korea Army. His attention to detail has provided great value to his work at KJR and as much he has learned about the Australian working culture from us, we have learned from him. 

SeungHyun hopes to continue gaining experience in cloud computing and specialise in database system analysis in the future.  

What projects have you worked on so far? 

I have worked on a project called Fatigue M8 which utilises AI-ML technologies to monitor the health and fatigue of truck drivers. I also worked on a project with KJR’s affiliate company Datarwe, that powered AI-ML application into acute care to create a health resourcing dashboard. Right now, I am working on a project for a private education body that involves CS NSW performance testing.

What skills have you developed? 

As a Programmer, I have developed my data visualisation and cloud computing skills. As a Junior Consultant, I have developed my understanding of the project lifecycle as well as how to communicate with clients, managers, and colleagues.

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR? 

My favourite part about working for KJR is how closely I can work with my General Manager. I know I can ask him questions directly and he is happy to help and mentor me. KJR has a nice working culture and nice people to work with. 

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR? 

It is a great opportunity to start your learning and to become certified. Getting a certification is beneficial and you will learn a lot from studying a certification with the support of KJR. It is a great way you can prove yourself and your capability to apply your skills to a number of projects.

Meet Dhanraj

Dhanraj Jayendra

- Consultant

Dhanraj, affectionately known within the Collective as DJ, commenced with KJR as an intern on the back of his studies in a Masters of Information Technology from Swinburne University, Melbourne. In his first six months with the Victoria office DJ has developed a strong technical skillset as well as a matured into a capable consultant which has been acknowledged by client groups on site.  

DJ began his internship with KJR in May 2021 seizing every opportunity that has come his way to nurture a promising career as an IT consultant. One of the first projects DJ assisted was a major testing project for a valued KJR client which offered him a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. He has since taken these skills and applied them to his subsequent engagements which include BAU, automation, performance and UAT testing projects for several major retail and government clients. 

Despite having prior experience in testing, consultancy was new for DJ. His drive to grow and succeed has resulted in great development of his soft skills that have equally been acknowledged from internal and external stakeholders. Optimally positioning him to become a well-rounded IT professional and tech consultant. 

He has shown great initiative within the Collective and isn’t afraid to ask for mentorship from VIC GM Anil Kumar, Senior Consultant Xian Wang and the wider team. Which has contributed to his journey of growth with KJR. 

DJ is focused on developing his technical and communication skills through exposing himself to different projects and sectors. With his determination and dedication to his work here at KJR, the sky is the limit! 

What projects have you worked on so far? 
In the last six months I have been a part of several big test automation, performance testing, BAU and bounty projects for major clients 

What skills have you developed? 
Technically I have expanded my skills by working on web development, UAT testing, Performance testing, C# coding and automation. 

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR? 
The major clients and diversity of projects which KJR holds is my favourite part. When we look for jobs we always look to grow ourselves technically, but along with technical skills you will grow yourself with KJR. A keen to learn and grow as a team mind-set is what KJR operates under which is the best and is why I like being a part of KJR. 

How do you see your future shaping up with the experience you’ve gained at KJR? 

I am growing myself technically by working with major clients and covering different work sectors. I am pretty confident with the skills and culture with which I am shaping my career. I am getting exposure to and facing all sort of challenges and pushing myself out of my comfort zone which will surely help in reaching greater heights in my career. 

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR? 
If you are looking for technical skills and projects which gives you career growth and highlight you in the market then I believe KJR is the best place to experience those desirables. 


Meet Julio

Julio Pimentel

- Consultant

Julio completed a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement at KJR’s sister company earlier in 2021 and  impressed the team so much that he was offered a full time consultancy role with KJR’s QLD office. Since joining he has proved himself to be a valued member of the team by continuing to develop his skills as an IT professional and maturing into a comprehensive tech consultant. 

Julio joined KJR on the back of his WIL placement in data science at our sister company Datarwe from which he got a deep understanding of the data quality and ai assurance work we complete in partnership, for projects in the medical/health industries. 

To his surprise Julio also learnt more about data science than he had first anticipated which enlightened how important his work as an AI-ML tester is for providing real-world solutions to real-world problems. He had also brought experience building small scale machine learning models which has helped him navigate the NLP models he developed in the cloud with KJR. 

In addition to upskilling himself in AI-ML and Natural Language Processing Julio has helped out on numerous testing projects for major clients and is focusing on developing his soft skills through liaising with important client groups. 

Julio has worked extremely hard during his short time with KJR and is has positioned himself well to become a well-rounded, capable consultant. 

What projects have you worked on so far? 
Microbiology Reports and Deidentification projects at Datarwe. 

What skills have you developed? 
Improved my error analysis skills and better understood the models’ development process in real life.

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR? 
I like when I start a project I don’t know how to solve yet. Therefore, I need to discuss with people and do some research by own.

How do you see your future shaping up with the experience you’ve gained at KJR?   
I think my soft skills will improve because working with several projects make you interact with different people.

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR? 
Have an open mind about learning different IT skills because they could be exciting and you may like them. 

Meet Kieran

Kieran Murphy

- Consultant

Upon graduating from his Bachelor in Information Technology from Griffith University in 2021 Kieran commenced his journey with our Queensland Collective as a junior consultant. From day one he has jumped at every opportunity to develop his technical aptitude; his focus and resolve helping to expand his skillset to encompass code deployment & code building within AWS as well as unit testing. 

Prior to starting with KJR Kieran completed his Work Integrated Learning program at our sister company Datarwe in which he assembled an impressive foundation of technical experience and skill as a data intern. He has leveraged this experience to inform a smooth transition into consultancy and is fast flourishing into a well-rounded and confident consultant. 

Ever-excited to keep learning and growing Kieran has jumped on a number of different projects for several client groups. He has worked on project management systems, API testing and software testing for ECG machines. These experiences have offered an opportunity for him to understand the project lifecycle and different modes of communication for efficient liaising with important stakeholders.

Kieran has shown great engagement within the Collective- his contagious smile is enough to light up the office on a cloudy day (which is admittedly not so frequent in Brisbane) and has worked closely with QLD GM Graham Cummins, KJR Founder Kelvin Ross and the wider team to mature his skills exponentially in a short amount of time. 

Kieran hopes to continue developing his skills, so that h can jump on and assist with a number of fulfilling and innovating projects KJR is currently completing for clients across Australia. 

What projects have you worked on so far?  

I have worked on a project management system for managing security access, API testing, and testing software for ECG machines 

What skills have you developed?  

I have developed many skills around unit testing, but also the deployment and building of code within Amazon web services 

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR?  

My favourite part of working for KJR is the people, on my first day at the Brisbane office I got to meet so many cool people from both the Queensland and Victoria collectives. 
How do you see your future shaping up with the experience you’ve gained at KJR? 

I hope that I can develop my skills further and work on some fulfilling projects 

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR?  

I would highly recommend doing an internship/grad role with KJR or Datarwe, there is so much knowledge to gain and so many wonderful senior people to guide you as you embark on a career in tech.