KJR Collective Catch Ups: Carl Warburton

The Collective

2 September 2020

A couple of times a month, we like to get to know members of the KJR Collective a little better. Today we catch up with Carl Warburton.

Years in the industry: 4

Started at KJR: September 2018

Based in: NSW (Bondi – important to note!)

Recently working with: Vault Intel, functionality testing of a recent PHP Upgrade and providing an Automation suite proof of concept for their CI/CD.

What Carl loves most about his job…

“The binary challenges of the IT industry have really motivated me to use my problem-solving skills”. Alongside the perks that come with being a part of the Collective, Carl has grown a great enthusiasm for ethical hacking – a niche part of the cybersecurity family focusing on gaining insights regarding potential cyber hazards and how to fix them by attempting to compromise the organisation himself. The KJR Collective has been supportive of Carl’s exploration in the area, and during a one-week certified ethical hacker course he learned to further hone his skills. “I gained access to labs with real-world penetration testing challenges, which was incredibly advantageous and something I can take with me into work with future clients”.

Alongside ethical hacking, Carl enjoys the workflow and culture of KJR. “I enjoy the variety that comes with working alongside different clients on short-term projects and utilising my soft skills through face-to-face (or Zoom!) interactions”.

How Carl got into this industry…

“My first experience in IT was trying to build my own booking application out of self-interest… it ended up being more challenging than I imagined”. Fortifying his interest in tech, Carl studied for an Associate Degree in Software Development from the Coder Factory Academy. While his passion now sits with ethical hacking, Carl has had exposure in many areas of IT through prior roles. Working for a startup called JobGetter as a Junior Software Developer, Carl operated across all areas of tech. “I was part of a three-man tech team, and so I was involved in all aspects of software lifecycle, development, testing and deployment”.

Through persistence and networking Carl was eventually introduced to KJR and landed his role in September 2018.

What Carl thinks about the future of tech…

“I’m interested in how tech is going to affect transport, especially considering how COVID has disrupted the way people function”. With the sharp rise of home working situations there has come a stark reduction in the number of cars on the road and the possibility of working from our personally desired locations. What this means for future work situations and transportation beyond the pandemic is unknown, but is something that fascinates Carl greatly. “I’m looking forward to seeing which tech and infrastructure opportunities will arise from the disruption of our cities. This interest stems from a project Carl did with Services NSW (SNSW), one of his “proudest moments” where he successfully executed a penetration test in the SNSW gateway system, which could have potentially affected multiple groups of workers and public in NSW. From this, Carl gained an understanding of how the NSW government has managed payments of transport and infrastructure. Naturally, it’s “exciting to see how that will change after the pandemic”.

He also does other things…

“Working from home has been alright for me actually because I can have a quick surf in the morning before I start work”. Carl has had a love for surfing and swimming since he was eleven years old, when his family moved from Griffith to the beachside town of Mollymook, NSW. “Being so close to the ocean meant I could swim around whenever I wanted. My interest in surfing gripped me immediately”. As a result of his proximity to the water, many of his other hobbies have been a stone’s throw away – swimming, diving and fishing to name a few. Not only does he enjoy surfing for his own enjoyment and as a form physical activity, but also as a form of stress relief and mental wellness. “My favourite thing to do is watching the sunrise in the morning from the back of the waves.”

Carl’s final word of advice…

“The act of simply beginning or adding to a project can often create the inspiration you need for further development – even if you thought you never had it.”

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