KJR Collective Catch Ups: Dinesh Ellepola

The Collective

16 June 2020

A couple of times a month, we like to get to know members of the KJR Collective a little better. Today we catch up with Dinesh Ellepola.

Years in the industry: 18

Started at KJR: In March 2015

Based in: Melbourne

Currently working with: The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) on several projects.

What Dinesh loves most about his job…

For Dinesh, it’s about growth. “Interactions and understanding new perspectives from different people” means Dinesh gets to upskill while also networking with key stakeholders. “I feel like I’m always evolving professionally and working with different clients, which means it’s never the same thing”. Currently collaborating with VEC, there are up to eight different projects running at once, allowing Dinesh to move around and enhance his skills depending on the workload. “I get a lot of feedback from clients saying new and different things, which keeps my own professional development on track”.

How Dinesh got into this industry…

“Even from my days of being small, I always really liked computers”.

Dinesh’s first foray into technology took place in Sri Lanka as a child, where he learned to bypass his older brother’s computer password by optimising a glitch on the lock screen. He focused on technology as he grew up, travelling to Middlesex University in London where he earned a Bachelor of Information Technology.

Dinesh then came to Australia in hopes of pursuing a career in telecom engineering, a rapidly developing area at the time. He worked in many roles before landing at KJR. This included eight years of Business Analyst (BA) work at a variety of organisations.

How did he come across KJR? “A friend of mine used to work here, and he told me he really liked the culture – naturally I applied for a job.”

What Dinesh thinks about the future of tech…

“As a company that focuses on Quality Assurance, we have to keep on top of cybersecurity threats”. Dinesh recognises that evolving technology tends to be accompanied with new cyber threats. A global focus on cybersecurity means a push to get Vulnerability Assessment tools up and running – and to keep them operating with each development. “There’s no end point to cybersecurity – we always need to be active and find new technologies to suit business requirements.” Checking security requirements and tweaking these to match has become a big part of Dinesh’s role, and has implemented a big learning curve for him. “It’s riveting because every time I read an article about cybersecurity, someone has learned or discovered something previously unknown.”

He also does other things…

Outside of office hours, Dinesh has a competitive spirit in the sporting realm. “I’ve been following the Rugby Union since I was 8 years old, it’s one of my all-time top hobbies”. Since his childhood he’s been backing the New Zealand All Blacks, however over time his friends and family have convinced him it might be time to change to the Wallabies. “Living in Australia as well as the All Blacks losing streak… it’s high time to change teams”.

He doesn’t only watch sport, Dinesh has been competing in squad swimming since he was a child. He’s continued to pursue this hobby – and has so far avoided soaking his work computer.

Dinesh’s final word of advice…

“As a consultant, think about how you can add value to the client. Interact with different people, interact with the client and always try to upskill yourself in new areas by learning from them.”

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