KJR Collective Catch Ups: Savitri Dwivedi

The Collective

16 December 2019

A couple of times a month, we like to get to know members of the KJR Collective a little better. Today we catch up with Savitri Dwivedi.

Years in the industry: 12

Started at KJR: In September 2018

Based in: Sydney

Currently working with: Services NSW on RMS website digital transactions

What Savi loves most about her job…

While there’s a lot to love at KJR, Savi enjoys the different atmosphere she encounters with each new client she works with. “I actually love it. You get exposed to new things and new people”. Working with a variety of clients highlights plenty of emerging technologies to explore, new industry trends, developments and a new team to cooperate with to overcome unique and stimulating challenges. “I’ve worked with different clients, and I’ve loved working with each one so far”.

While stimulating work is important for any employee, does the work culture hold up? According to Savi, it certainly does. “Even when I’m working on client sites, we organise team catch-ups with the Collective in Sydney”. This keeps Savi connected with her fellow team members and KJR.

How Savi got into this industry…

While completing her Master of Computer Science at the J.K. Institute of Applied Physics and Technology in India, Savi was granted an opportunity to train and work at Tech Mahindra Limited, an Indian multinational subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. “I was doing it in my first year, and I learned a lot I could take with me as I studied”. Savi was trained in all kinds of ‘techie’ things, including different computer programming languages and ICP. She then began working on a Java-based project, which she worked on for around one year before moving into the testing domain – and thus commenced her career in testing.

Savi’s experience at Tech Mahindra took her all the way to New Jersey in America, where she led an on-site team. She returned to Delhi, India after 3 and a half years, where she continued working in tech with different companies before moving to Australia and being welcomed into KJR.

What Savi thinks about the future of tech…

“The future of technology is very entwined with automation, both in the industry and in our regular lifestyles”. Savi believes that “Automation and AI are the future of technology, so everyone should learn about them and enhance their skillsets”. With the leaps and bounds made in automation and artificial intelligence, laborious tasks will be reduced – something Savi thinks will allow us to “focus on new things” and new technologies that arise over time.

“People should always be looking to learn about new developments and innovations throughout their lives”, something particularly true for individuals working in information technology. The arrival of new types of technology makes the workplace ever-changing…“learning about these new types of technology is essential to keep up to date.”

She also does other things…

Savi was married in 2011 and now has a daughter who’s five years old, so when she’s not at KJR you can find her spending time with her family. “It’s been over 8 years since I was married, and we decided to move to Australia together”. Although she had never been down under before, her adventurousness paid off – Savi enjoys life in Australia, with a work-life balance she can happily comply with.

When she’s not with her family, she also likes watching horror movies … when her daughter isn’t around, of course.

Savi’s final word of advice…

“Having a good work-life balance is so important. I’m glad to be at KJR because I’m supported by the Collective and have flexible options – this is something everyone should have in their lives.”

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