A Value-Centric Digital Maturity Model

Be proactive, not reactive

Understanding your organisation’s digital maturity

To successfully deliver a digital project, there must be a true understanding of the organisation’s digital ecosystem. Complex, with multiple departments and stakeholders working towards different objectives, perception versus reality of digital transformation readiness is often where plans come unstuck.

This Digital Maturity Model

Launched in early 2018, KJR’s Digital Maturity Model was developed in collaboration with QUT’s Chair in Digital Economy and Isobar Australia. It’s difference is the rigorous process of creation, which included an academic-led literature review, industry participation workshops and a peer-reviewed report. And the outcome is a comprehensive Digital Maturity Questionnaire that addresses an organisation’s digital impact against digital capability.

Check out our video for a fast-start overview.

Interested in the detail? We’ve made the Executive Summary (Part A) and the Comprehensive Report (Part B) available for download below.

Ready to assess your organisation’s digital maturity? You can access and complete an online version of the questionnaire right here.

We recommend the best-practice use of the maturity model through a qualified facilitation and conversation with KJR or one of our partners. Our experts will guide the process and provide a wider understanding of not just where you sit in the stages of maturity but what this means for your organisation going forward.

The Australian Digital Maturity Benchmark (ADMB)

An initiative driven by KJR, the ADMB is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s digital maturity from a holistic, value-centric perspective. We’re currently collecting data* to build the inaugural Australian Digital Maturity Benchmark for release in mid-2019. You can either complete the questionnaire online, or contact KJR for a 60-minute, obligation free consultation.

*All data collected will be de-identified. The Australian Digital Maturity Benchmark will only report broadly on industry, company size, locality and roles of participants.

To have an initial conversation about using the maturity model for your digital transformation, please call or email KJR to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants: 1300 854 063 | digitalmaturity@kjr.com.au You can also visit digitalmaturitybenchmark.com for more information.