Collective Benefits

There are several ways we recognise our employees here at KJR. We encourage peer-peer recognition and client recognition to ensure our staff are awarded for a job well done. - Employee Recognition Program -Client Excellence Awards - Peer-peer 'Kudos' Awards
KJR takes employee health and wellbeing seriously. Through the implementation of several key programs, we support an enriching work environment for the wellbeing of our staff. - EAP channels - Fitness challenges
It is important to us at KJR that our Collective have opportunity for continuous learning and development. We support career growth internally through comprehensive training programs and technical up-skilling. - Internal Leadership (MBA) program - Certifications - KJR Annual Co-op
KJR celebrates cultural diversity and understands there is much to learn from difference in perspective- that we are each others best resources. We are dedicated to highlighting various cultures within the Collective and the community for the growth of our staff. - Cultural Awareness Initiatives - Indigenous Projects - Workplace giving

APAC winner for Candidate Experience

People & Culture

Benchmarked against numerous organisations across the APAC region, KJR’s results were the cream of the recruitment crop.

Career Opportunities
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