Our Services

Our services span the spectrum of quality assurance and risk mitigation. From hands-on support with tasks like test automation, performance testing & monitoring and test data & environment management, through to strategic support for agile quality assurance processes, standards compliance & assurance, digital transformation risk mitigation, training & mentoring, KJR has the experience, skill and leadership to help you get your IT initiatives delivered. Check out each of the service areas below for more details.

Process Governance

As software becomes further embedded in the heart of your business, the stakes become higher when it comes to IT failures. Maintaining a firm grasp on how business and IT processes interact becomes increasingly difficult, and the risk of things falling through the cracks becomes a mission critical issue. Processes that worked fine for managing smaller in-house IT processes may not scale up to major new software acquisitions and system transformations. Failure to meet industry and legislative compliance requirements, such as data privacy laws and accessibility standards, can threaten the viability of your business as a whole.

KJR have a long track record in the process improvement and process governance space. We’ve made major contributions to the establishment of national and international industry standards, are routinely called upon to provide software quality process assurance for safety critical projects, and regularly provide practical process improvement training and consulting services and compliance checks.

Our experienced principal consultants can support you with:

  • Organisational software quality process improvement strategies
  • Agile and DevOps process adoption
  • Change management
  • Technical software risk assessments
  • Quality assurance audits for critical projects
  • Standards compliance and adoption support, including data privacy, WCAG 2.0, ISO 29119, or industry specific standards

Contact us to find out how we can provide trusted independent advice and assurance services that suit your particular needs.

Draw on our experience to get your software quality practices into shape.

We can help you:

  • Build and improve your Agile Quality Assurance practices
  • Implement sustainable Test Automation
  • Build Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Implement Application Performance Monitoring
  • Deploy flexible Test Environments
  • Manage and execute the full range of traditional functional and non-functional software testing activities

Whether you need a programme or project level test strategy, support with agile test automation, or a fully managed testing service, you can rely on KJR to deliver.

Continuous Quality

Whichever end of the waterfall-agile spectrum you might be at in your organisation, one thing is common: software defects kill your productivity. Releases are delayed, reputations are damaged, profits, and sometimes lives, can be lost. Building a continuous quality process into your software development and IT management lifecycle can smooth out the wrinkles and roadblocks in your delivery pipeline, reducing costs, saving time and improving the quality of your end users' experience.


A resilient IT based business

Digital Transformation

The reality of digital disruption is that every business is becoming a software business. Existing enterprises scramble to adapt, while startups struggle to survive, and it’s hard to strike the balance. The robustness of a disciplined enterprise-scale software process doesn’t stop you becoming irrelevant. Failing fast may help you discover exactly what your customers really want, but velocity is no substitute for quality when customers expect your great idea to actually work.

KJR work with you to identify the key risks you’ll face with Digital Transformation, and help you to build a resilient IT-based business, where a culture of quality is the key to both speed and survival.

We can help you de-risk your Digital Transformation by:

  • Integrating automated Mobile App Testing into your Continuous Integration pipeline
  • Implementing metrics and monitoring to support UX/CX validation
  • Supporting customer focused A/B Test Design and Execution
  • Assuring your Big Data and Business Intelligence Quality
  • Supporting your Cloud Migration and Integration Quality

If you’re in the process of embracing mobile technology platforms, integrating Software as a Service into your legacy IT systems, or scaling up a fresh digital business, and you need to move fast without sacrificing quality, get in touch with us.


Winning in the Knowledge Economy is built on having a team that has relevant and up-to-date skills. Yet time pressure and budget constraints have made it harder than ever to acquire new skills and and deliver effective training support to your staff.

KJR are committed to providing flexible access to the best knowledge in the software quality space through a range of formats to suit your needs.

In-house training & mentoring

In-house training and certification tailored to your team’s requirements, with follow up mentoring allows you to focus on exactly the skills your organisation needs and align training specifically with your current tools and applications.

Topics include:

We pride ourselves in our practical coaching capabilities building the trainee’s skill base so they are fully prepared for their given role. All of our trainers are practicing software testing specialists, with practical real world experience to back up their training delivery skills and course material.

We can schedule in-house courses timed to suit you and your team, and are happy to tailor any training program to meet your specific requirements.

Live Virtual Training – comfort & convenience

Delivered live via our feature-rich online training platform, KJR’s Live Virtual Training (LVT) courses offer you the flexibility to attend training sessions with a real instructor, without having to take any time off work or traveling to specific training locations. We know that finding time to attend training courses that don’t clash with your project commitments can be challenging, so our LVT courses provide you with the ability to uplift your capabilities from anywhere you have an internet connection, such as from the comfort and convenience of your office or home.

KJR offers a variety of software testing courses live online, including:

Training sessions run for approximately two hours, two times per week and you can complete a full course in 5 weeks or less. Plus if you miss a session you can access catch up via lesson recordings so you don’t miss out. Our sessions are presented by our most experienced trainers to ensure you receive the very highest quality and value in the courses you attend.

Contact us for details of upcoming courses or arrange a customised course delivery schedule.