At KJR we think further to deliver innovative solutions to world challenges

Dedicated to improving the world through tech we work with diverse communities to explore technological solutions to their unique challenges utilising emerging technology.

Indigenous Australian Datathon

The Indigenous Australian Datathon was founded in 2021 by a group of incredible organisations passionate about exploring ways in which technology can solve real-world Indigenous community challenges in Australia.

As a founding partner, KJR proudly facilitates the organisation of yearly Datathon’s held in Cairns which bring together Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities, data professionals, tech experts, entrepreneurs and students to develop innovative community-centric digital and data-driven solutions utilising big data and ai-ml.

Every year, the event creates connections and fosters collaborative engagement with technologists, students and Indigenous communities. KJR provides tech support and tech experts on the ground.

Jarramali Cultural Tech Tours

We believe that technology can be used for the greater good at KJR and enjoy working with various groups to innovate technological solutions to community challenges. We are excited to be working with Indigenous owned and operated business Jarramali Rock Art Tours in far North Queensland whom we are assisting to preserve and share Indigenous rock art and culture via the implementation of modern technologies.

Through the utilisation of artificial intelligence and machine learning we hope to capture images of the rock art in a database that will educate others on the arts significance in which Jarramali and similar communities can leverage for the preservation of their culture.


A KJR born and driven project, FatigueM8 is a smart steering wheel designed to combat the issue of fatigue in the trucking industry. Members of our Collective have demonstrated strong commitment to improving health and safety on our Australian roads taking charge of this venture on top of their day-to-day projects- with full support on our end.

The ongoing development of FatigueM8 has been testament to the passion our team has for projects that positively contribute to the community. Andrew Hammond, KJR General Manager in ACT and the team leader for FatigueM8, has shared some of his learnings from the project. 


KJR is a proud Foundation Partner for Datarwe, a data-driven company developing a next-generation medical data platform that could revolutionise the future of healthcare using AI. Rapid changes are being made in the wake of COVID-19 and the project’s promise hasn’t gone unrecognised. With $1.5 million in funding from the Queensland Government and an eager team of experts pushing progress, Datarwe’s medical platform is looking to create a lasting impact on healthcare systems around the world.  


KJR became a Founding Shareholder and member of the AI Consortium that launched the Queensland AI Hub May of 2020 amid the COVID-19 Crisis. A challenge for sure, this initiative was developed in support of growing the local capability in AI and Big Data and has made big strides in advancing Queensland’s mark in this emerging space.