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Healthcare IT Consulting

Leveraging 26 years in software quality assurance and risk management we
offer leading healthcare IT consulting services to assure digital success.

Emerging technologies are revolutionising the future of healthcare and are increasingly being employed to help fight illness, develop new vaccines, medicines, and translate medical research into the healthcare sector for improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped to accelerate the digitisation of the healthcare industry and has seen a rise in interest amongst healthcare providers, leaders, practitioners and governments to invest in digital solutions for diagnosis and prognosis prediction. Areas such as telemedicine personalised medicine, genomics, and wearables will continue to grow in this space with the utilisation of:

Technologies such as :

  • Artificial intelligence (AI),  
  • Cloud computing,
  • Extended Reality (XR) and, 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) tools   

Furthermore, these tools and technologies are helping to make more efficient healthcare process, including:

  • Increased access to health information
  • Improved targeted patient care
  • Accessibility to healthcare with tele-health and telemedicine services

Health digitisation will rapidly result in significant savings in both time and economic costs for healthcare organisations and product development lifecycles but is dependent on secure access to cleansed, labelled and validated real world clinical data.

At KJR we understand the sensitive nature of health information and the importance of guaranteeing this data is secure and protected. Our consultants provide several layers of data protection across the whole data lifecycle with services in:

  • Data governance, 
  • Data de-identification 
  • Data quality  
  • Data cleansing/validation 

 To ensure you unlock the most from your data, securely and ethically. 

Read through the case study examples below to understand how we’re assuring digital success for the healthcare sector. 

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