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Our Leadership Team

Our talented technologists are the heart and soul of KJR, and our leadership team sit right there with them, because we all subscribe to the same purpose: to make digital advancement a positive experience for organisations – the journey and the outcomes
our team

Andrew Hammond

General Manager ACT & NSW

Anil Kumar

General Manager VIC

Graham Cummins

General Manager QLD

Dr. Kelvin Ross


Dr. Mark Pedersen


Aaron Bell

General Manager
Remote Data Technologies

Des Moyo


Sheemal Visun

Talent & Culture Manager

Brett Lyndon

Strategic BDM

Andrew Hammond

– General Manager ACT & NSW

A self-proclaimed ‘technology addict’, Andrew (or Drew) has been at the helm of KJR’s ACT operations since 2009. From two people to over 30 consultants today, the Canberra office has soared under his guidance serving multiple Federal government clients and branching into the broader set of KJR services over the past few years. Not one to miss out, Andrew takes a hands-on approach with projects, keeping his carefully-honed skills polished and at the ready.
Andrew’s other passion is sport. Whether it’s ‘netball dad’ duties or riding his bicycle around Australia in the TourXOz for a fantastic cause, he’s the embodiment of a man on a mission. And when work and sport collide, Andrew creates an iOS app to improve the experience for supporters of multiple netball teams.

Anil Kumar

– General Manager VIC

Whether it’s delivering results for a client or renovating, Anil takes pride in his work. A respected member of the KJR Collective for over 7 years, Anil’s expertise flourishes when it comes to strategic and people leadership with corporate clients. Bundling a Masters in Computer Science with an MBA, Anil’s journey as a technology-focused leader started over 18 years ago. Since then he’s worked in multiple countries across Europe and Asia and now, of course, settled in Melbourne, Australia . Anil stepped into the role of KJR’s VIC General Manager in 2020 and is a courageous and inclusive captain at the helm.

When the tech tools go down, Anil picks up another kind of tool belt as he continues to renovate his home – a project that has been three years and counting…

Graham Cummins

– General Manager QLD

A true Queenslander with a love of all activities outdoors, when indoors, Graham is a tech-lover through and through. Joining the Collective in 2019, Graham’s career is approaching 20 years of experience in facilitating positive outcomes and experiences for technology buyers. Spanning three countries, he’s worked with high-profile industry heavyweights in Australia, the US and Canada, focusing on the power of customer advocacy in digital transformation success.


Graham is wildly passionate about helping to grow the digital economy for the next generation of Queenslanders. And that next generation includes his three daughters, whom he volunteers with at youth focused technology events including Steamlabs and the TechGirls are Super Heroes series.

Kelvin Ross

– Chairman

The man who started it all – Kelvin John Ross is KJR’s founder. Over 22 years ago, Kelvin had completed his PhD in safety critical systems engineering and was ready to have a crack at the “crazy entrepreneurial ideas” in his head. As the world approached the uncertainty of Y2K, KJR emerged and Kelvin’s life was never the same.


When it comes to KJR, Kelvin believes that “like an artist, the painting is never complete”. He is constantly examining the changing world and working with the Collective to keep KJR relevant and of value to clients. In 2020 alone, Kelvin has been deeply involved in the launch of both Queensland AI Hub – connecting Queensland’s AI ecosystem, and Datarwe – real World Data for AI enabled medical innovation, acting as Director and CTO respectively. And in recent years, Kelvin has helped to set-up IntelliHQ, a non-profit developing the ecosystem for AI innovation in healthcare where he remains a Director, is also a Director at AIkademi (The AI Academy), and co-founded the Young Women Leaders in AI program, which encourages and facilitates the development of Australia’s next generation of brilliant female minds.

Mark Pedersen


Mark is an IT professional with a passion for digital culture. During the week, he leads his team at KJR through straight-talking solutions to software problems. In his spare time, he can be found crafting soundscapes and audio/visual installations that embrace technology’s propensity for playfulness and expression.

He first honed his aptitude for software innovation and assurance as a postgrad research assistant at the University of Queensland, where he went on to complete a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, focusing on language technology. It was there he befriended KJR founder Kelvin Ross and they bonded over a shared enthusiasm for fine-tuning software and risk mitigation strategies. He’s been with KJR ever since, taking a few years off to teach IT in the Middle East before returning in 2006 to open the Melbourne branch.

As CTO, Mark’s technical knowledge and lateral thinking abilities are counted on to lead critical software projects safely out of the red and into the light. And, as a world-class software risk analyst and advisor, he thrives on the satisfaction of bettering lives with technology that actually works.

Mark Pedersen is a member of the ACS Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee.

Aaron Bell

– General Manager Remote Data Technologies

Aaron spearheads KJR’s technical engineering innovation, integrating Machine Learning and AI into remotely operated technologies, consolidating KJR’s initiatives in CSR and emerging technology.

Additionally, Aaron collaborates closely with Indigenous Communities through various projects, including the Indigenous Australian Datathon, and broader initiatives aimed at developing sustainable employment opportunities through new technologies.


Des Moyo


Chief Financial Officer Des Moyo CA MBA leads KJR’s Finance Department. Des brings extensive experience from senior finance roles, coupled with a deep-seated passion for small to medium-sized enterprises, family values, and a fulfilling life. At KJR, Des provides strategic financial direction and leadership to drive KJR’s growth and success.

Sheemal Visun

– Talent & Cultural Manager

When your Talent & Culture Manager is full of talent herself, magic happens. Sheemal’s talent sourcing background has seen her inspire and recruit largely senior management roles across IT, retail, healthcare and defence. At KJR she is the go-to for all levels and skills, managing the Talent Community and connecting with Australia’s best and most promising people in technology.


Speaking with Sheemal? You’ll immediately feel a sense of interest and care in what you’re trying to achieve in your career – nothing gives her a buzz more than helping talented people head in the right direction. And when she’s not recruiting the best in the biz for KJR, she’s throwing birthday parties for her husky, Phantom and frequenting Melbourne’s hottest venues for her Instagram. Some might call her an Influencer!


Brett Lyndon

– Strategic Business Development Manager

Having worked for leading national and international companies including Unilever, Telstra, AAPT, and British Telecom, Brett has developed business expertise encompassing management and consultancy skills gained in marketing, sales, public relations, and corporate social responsibility.


Passionate about the benefits technology can provide communities and businesses from social and economic perspectives Brett is a leader who values social inclusion and diversity. As KJR’s Strategic Business Development Manager Brett is focused on working with key stakeholders to achieve the company’s short and long-term business targets, business process improvement, and exceeding customer expectations.

Des Moyo


Chief Financial Officer Des Moyo CA MBA leads KJR’s Finance Department. Des brings extensive experience from senior finance roles, coupled with a deep-seated passion for small to medium-sized enterprises, family values, and a fulfilling life. At KJR, Des provides strategic financial direction and leadership to drive KJR’s growth and success.

Tim Moloney

– Consultant

Tim joined KJR as a graduate in 2022 and has hit the ground running on various projects boasting technological innovation and community opportunity. He has pushed past the boundaries of purely technical and has shown keen interest in learning about IT and business processes which has helped him understand wider strategy and matured his consultancy skills exponentially. 


Helping to lead a handful of groundbreaking technological projects, not only in what they are achieving through artificial intelligence and machine learning but for the benefit of various communities across Queensland, Tim is expanding his skills in computer science to solve real-world community challenges for Indigenous peoples. He is currently mentoring year 11 and 12 students on the Gold Coast in data science and management as part of KJR’s Indigenous traineeship as well as capturing rock art data in far north Queensland to help West Yalanji peoples preserve their culture using aiml powered applications. This has allowed Tim to expand his technical skillset while also developing his knowledge across business charters such as Corporate Social Responsibility. 


Tim has worked closely with KJR Founder Dr Kelvin Ross and CTO Dr Mark Pedersen on these projects and has learnt skills in resource management, partner liaising and computer science under their guidance. Above all Tim’s work at KJR has opened his eyes to the real impact technology, and the people behind it, can have on the world in a positive way.  


He has shown great initiative within the Collective and has proven himself a valued member of the KJR team. He is very steadily maturing into a competent IT consultant who will undoubtedly achieve great feats- and we can’t wait to celebrate his wins alongside him. 


What projects have you worked on so far?

So far, I have been working mainly on an innovation project focused around using AI and Machine learning on geospatial information data and drone footage. The goal of the project is to locate and capture previously lost Aboriginal rock art sites in Far North Queensland. 

What skills have you developed?

During my studies I focused on information systems and design, so most of the things I have been learning are more computer science focused. This has been an interesting challenge for me but its always good to diversify skills. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with and pilot drones a fair bit, which is very exciting. 

What’s your favourite part about working for KJR?

The project I’m working on is not only exciting but also groundbreaking in what it is trying to achieve. My favourite thing about working for KJR is being able to have an impact on that project and being part of the team that is going to ensure its successful completion. 

How do you see your future shaping up with the experience you’ve gained at KJR?

In the future I see KJR continuing to provide lots of exciting opportunities for growth and development of my skills. 

What advice would you give other tech graduates starting out who may be considering taking on a grad/intern role with KJR?

We do lots of engagements with different university tech societies, so you should come to those, talk to us so we can find out who you are! Even if you can’t make it to those keep an eye on LinkedIn for job opportunities and apply. KJR has lots of benefits that other graduate opportunities don’t have.