West Yalanji Data Capture

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Leveraging human-machine teaming to identify and protect high value cultural assets in Far North Queensland

World-heritage Aboriginal rock art dating back thousands of years is one step closer to being re-discovered for the first time thanks to drone, artificial intelligence (AI) and mapping technology carried out by KJR, WYAC and partners. 

The goal is to develop a digital platform for documenting rock art utilising various technologies:
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Hover mapping.
  • Drone imagery & flight mapping.
  • AI vision & geospatial modelling.
  • Data management and model training.



With aim of achieving the project objectives:

  • Collection and Storage of digital assets with High Cultural value.
  • Training of Indigenous rangers to up-skill members of the local community in tech industries highly sought after in a commercial market.
  • Automation of site discovery and capture process.
  • Sovereign Capability.
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