Digital Transformation

The reality of digital disruption is that every business is becoming a software business. Existing enterprises scramble to adapt, while startups struggle to survive, and it’s hard to strike the balance. The robustness of a disciplined enterprise-scale software process doesn’t stop you becoming irrelevant. Failing fast may help you discover exactly what your customers really want, but velocity is no substitute for quality when customers expect your great idea to actually work.

Helping you build

A resilient IT based business

KJR work with you to identify the key risks you’ll face with Digital Transformation, and help you to build a resilient IT-based business, where a culture of quality is the key to both speed and survival.

We can help you de-risk your Digital Transformation by:

  • Integrating automated Mobile App Testing into your Continuous Integration pipeline
  • Implementing metrics and monitoring to support UX/CX validation
  • Supporting customer focused A/B Test Design and Execution
  • Assuring your Big Data and Business Intelligence Quality
  • Supporting your Cloud Migration and Integration Quality

If you’re in the process of embracing mobile technology platforms, integrating Software as a Service into your legacy IT systems, or scaling up a fresh digital business, and you need to move fast without sacrificing quality, get in touch with us.

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