A national group with a flexible team. We’ll be where you need, when you need.

Our talented teams are co-ordinated out of four capital city offices - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. We provide broad geographic coverage for national enterprise scale projects, as well as local understanding of regional requirements and markets.

If you'd like to chat to us about your digital project or are interested in partnering, your first point of contact should be Melanie. She'll put you on the line to the correct person in the most relevant state. Call or email Melanie on 1300 854 063 or info@kjr.com.au

If you're interested in joining the KJR Collective, visit our careers page.

If you just want to stalk us a little to figure out what we're about, why not follow us on social media through Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

And if you need to pay us a visit, you'll find us at the addresses below (or at our local 'boardroom')!

Level 6
131 Leichhardt Street

Spring Hill, QLD 4000
t: 1300 854 063
t: +61 3 9640 0750 (international)

Suite 4, Level 1
190 Queen Street

Melbourne, VIC 3000
t: 1300 854 063
t: +61 3 9640 0750 (international)

Suite 2329, Level 32
200 George Street

Sydney, NSW 2000
t: 1300 854 063
t: +61 3 9640 0750 (international)

41 Doris Turner street
Forde, ACT 2914
t: 1300 854 063
t: +61 3 9640 0750 (international)