Our Values

At KJR we look at things from many perspectives and being a member of our Collective is no different. We expect our people to bring their whole selves to work and we relish watching our people grow personally, contribute to the team and add value to our clients.

We are…

We are adventurous. We are curious about what's going on with new technologies, idea and innovations and bring that knowledge back to the team. We question the norm in order to understand our customers real challenges and ensure success.​
We are honest. We communicate with respect and integrity above all else. We are not scared to be upfront with our customers, if something isn’t going to work or could be done better, then we’ll tell them.
We will take on any challenge. We are resilient and will not give up until we have exhausted all avenues to solve the problem. We commit to everything we do and are proud of our results - no project is too big or small for our expertise.​
We are passionate. We are inclusive and recognise the benefits of diverse teams to get the best outcome. We are present every step of the way with our customers and don't hide behind technical jargon.​

Ready to join our Talent Community?

Q: What on earth is a talent community?!

At KJR we don’t just hire top talent, we build and maintain relationships with talented humans who may one day be the perfect fit for a role at KJR. You’re growing, we’re growing and the industry is changing so it makes sense for us (and you) to keep engaging and exploring opportunities that could be mutually beneficial.

That’s why we have a Talent Community. It enables us to stay connected with you so when the time is right, we’ll click.



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