A technology-focused strategic advisory firm, that delivers.

Our Mission

is to think further for our clients; guiding and delivering intelligent, technology-based solutions that work, every time.

Founded in 1997

as the uncertainty of Y2K loomed worldwide, we remain in the trenches over 20 years later with over 100 specialists working across Australia, supported by offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. Take a closer look at our history.

Technology is our heartland

KJR is deeply technical, and we’ve been that way for over 20 years. From preparing corporate Australia for the Millennium Bug in the nineties, to cleaning up countless digital projects throughout the noughties, we’ve naturally evolved into one of the most interesting, technically advanced strategic advisory firms in Australia.

We're not huge

so clients never get pushed down the line or hand-balled to another team. But we’re not small either. So we’re able to deliver the appropriate resources and most intelligent minds for any given project.

And we're not covered in fluff

We’re raw, and we mean what we say. And we always say what’s in the best interests of our clients – they can trust us with that. We’re here to be champions. Champions of digital advancement, of a better way of doing things, and of our clients’ success.