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Rowing Australia
  • PROJECT: Competition Management and Membership Management feasibility analysis & implementation

Andrew from KJR has been key to the process of understanding what the sport of rowing requires from its’ core systems across Australia. Andrew has a holistic view on the project and helps steer the direction of discussion, as well as providing insights to inform decisions. His calm and respectful demeanour are critical to the project success.


Rowing Australia (RA) is the national governing body for the sport of rowing. Rowing in Australia is operationalised via a federated model, which links member associations across seven (7) States and Territories in Australia.

RA like many, if not all, of Australian sport’s governing bodies is undergoing a digital shift, as they aim to capitalise on advances in technology to ensure their customer experience and operational efficiency can be maintained for the 25,000 registered rowing members across the country who between them compete every weekend. A core element of this is future proofing their competition management system and managing relevant system interaction which KJR is supporting.



KJR’s engagement with RA began in 2018 after attending the ACT Sports technology start-up day. This is where RA highlighted their biggest technology challenge, which was consolidating several disparate systems (databases); a project that had been on-going for some 8 years. KJR is partnering with RA, to help the sport to optimise their operations bringing 24 years of experience working with systems transformation, upgrades and replacements for our clients around Australia.



  • Project scoping
  • Project road map
  • Problem statement
  • Detailed requirements document
  • Feasibility study*
  • System recommendations report*
  • System trial plan (similar to a test plan) *
  • System implementation plan*

*in progress


Key Outcomes

  • Technical review and assist with the selection of a replacement CRM based on the evidence collected
  • Ensure a smooth transition into the new system
  • Ensure linkage between various systems used by RA
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