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A government department overseeing national procurement and business operations – Government


KJR was engaged by the organisation to coordinate a project involving the upgrading and migration of data from the separate departments across to their system.


KJR coordinated the upgrading and migration of ALM Data between government departments, allowing Governmental staff to access relevant data. Subtasks included scoping out potential challenges or technical risks prior to commencement and determining how to migrate such a large quantity of data. Determining how to upgrade data from v12.0 in the previous department v12.5 in the organisations system was the project’s primary obstacle, especially as the team were unable to downgrade existing software or spend time developing new database revisions due to time restrictions and the number of Governmental Staff using the existing software.

There were multiple trials to overcome throughout the project:

  • Technical challenges threatened to hinder progress, namely upgrading the software to be transferred in a timely manner. The KJR Team overcame this by developing three implementation options to address potential technical barriers, maintaining an adaptive work ethic that allowed the team to weave through each difficulty as they arose.
  • This project was rich in technical stakeholder management and required a lot of collaboration with departments with less-technical management teams. This enabled KJR’s team to inform and collaborate with more diverse professional teams across multiple areas.
  • The KJR Team was required to complete this project within a short timeframe, commencing in mid-June 2020 and requiring completion by the end of the 2019-2020 financial year. Working effectively with stakeholders from relevant departments to coordinate different functions assisted in implementing this project timely and efficiently.


KJR was flexible in executing this project amid physical restrictions and remote working requirements. In saying this, the team worked through KJR’s Standard Consulting Engagement Model, covering four key phases:


The first phase involved determining which services could be utilised for this project and gaining an understanding of the departments technological environment. Sorting through the abundance of noise to identify relevant data and determining the alignment between the two departments’ system requirements was an essential component in delivering positive outcomes and developing a key understanding which later lead to a successful implementation


After identifying the need to upgrade and transfer data between departments, the KJR Team looked into how this could be achieved using new database revisions and tools. Alongside this, team members were assigned different tasks suiting their professional strengths. Noting the technical differences present between the two departments ALM software, three plans of procedure were developed for implementation.


It was recognised that upgrading to the latest ALM version would allow the organisation to establish an integration with Microsoft’s Azure DevOps platform. The KJR team warranted this by utilising the MicroFocus Connector (MF Connect) tool, a service enabling point-to- point integration with a single synchronization engine. Synchronizing relevant ALM data was necessary to easily provide Departmental staff access to ALM data to as needed.


Monitoring ran in parallel with each stage of the project as technical difficulties and obstacles arose. By monitoring the situation, the team was able to develop back-up plans to address unique challenges. Following implementation, the team continuing monitoring for any errors or bugs hindering performance.

Key Outcomes

  • All aspects of the implementation worked seamlessly and the team completed implementation 6 hours ahead of schedule. This is largely due to the KJR Team’s heavy preparation for technical difficulties and alternate plans.
  • Established a system allowing workers in both departments to access relevant data from their own desktop systems.
  • The process of upgrading and migrating data is flexible and transferable. Experience gained from the success of this project’s implementation can be replicated in future projects where needed.

Tools & Technologies

  • Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps

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