Data Quality & AI Assurance

KJR has directed the industry in quality assurance for over 25 years. We have always understood the importance of managing IT risk and especially do so now with the steady maturation of various emerging technologies.

We recognise the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and see the specific challenges these technologies pose to traditional forms of quality assurance. We have harnessed our expertise to develop practical approaches to assuring compliant and successful deployments of AI solutions.

Innovative technologies call for innovative solutions

New technologies are changing the way we work and live. The speed of development for most of these are rapid, their practical applications not yet fully realised. We leverage our 25-years of expertise in risk management and quality assurance to direct innovative solutions for data applications into artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies securely and safely.

Common to both artificial intelligence and machine learning is the analysis of vast amounts of data and their ability to build a bigger, richer picture – where data really has value. How this data is managed from an assurance and governance perspective is where KJR comes to the fore. When you are talking data management talk to KJR.

Data Quality Assurance

  • Data migration/assurance
  • Data quality assurance
  • Data governance
  • DataOps
  • Data analytics

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Assurance

  • Validation driven machine learning
  • Data augmentation/data generation
  • Secure data labelling
  • Explainability, bias, ethics & compliance
  • Machine learning delivery pipelines

Case Studies