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Events Training

KJR C-Suite Executive AI Workshop: In-person 1st of May, Brisbane

Events Training

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence stands at the forefront of innovation, promising unprecedented opportunities for businesses across industries. Yet, as AI continues to proliferate into various facets of our lives, so too do the ethical implications surrounding its deployment. How can executives and business leaders navigate this complex terrain with confidence and integrity? 

KJR’s bespoke course blends conceptual understanding with practical insights.

This two-hour workshop is designed to enable business leaders to make informed decisions about AI deployment and governance in their organisations, fostering the application of AI systems in an effective, responsible and ethical way.

Workshop Topics

  • Principles of Trustworthy AI

Defining trustworthy AI, ethical AI frameworks, risk management in AI 

  • Strategies for AI Deployment

Aligning AI with business strategy, AI project lifecycle, case studies

  • Governance of AI Applications

Governance frameworks, regulatory compliance, ongoing monitoring and evaluation 

  • Open Discussion and Q&A

What's included

Participants can expect to engage in expert-led workshops, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities aimed at fostering a community of like-minded leaders committed to responsible AI deployment and governance. An optional lunch provides further opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing beyond the workshop’s conclusion. 

Key Information:


KJR is an Australian Software Quality Engineering Consultancy and a leading practitioner in Responsible AI implementation. 

Founded on over 26 years of experience in quality assurance and verification, we always understood the importance of managing IT risk and especially do so now with the steady maturation of various emerging technologies. 

We recognise the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and see the specific challenges these technologies pose to traditional forms of quality assurance. We have harnessed our expertise to develop practical approaches to assuring compliant and successful deployments of AI solutions. 

Your Trainers

Dr Kelvin Ross - Founder and Chairman KJR

Dr Kelvin Ross is an entrepreneur, technologist and researcher. He is the founder and Chairman of KJR, CTO to Datarwe, Director of the Queensland AI Hub, and IntelliHQ, developing the ecosystem for AI innovation in healthcare. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Institute for Intelligent and Integrated Systems, Griffith University. He has over 30 years of experience in software engineering and enterprise IT applications. Kelvin holds a PhD in safety critical systems engineering. He is a firm believer of AI’s added value to the Community.  

Dr Mark Pedersen - KJR CTO

With a PhD in AI focusing on natural language processing and a background in safety-critical systems, Dr Mark Pedersen has been working at the confluence of AI and software quality, reliability and safety for the majority of his career. He has extensive consulting experience across a range of industry sectors, including government, health, finance, telecommunications, transport, and utilities. Mark has developed and delivered a wide range of professional training courses and chaired leading industry conferences and forums.