Webinar 16th April 2024 – Testing LLMs: Building Trust and Reducing Risk with Microsoft & KJR - KJR

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Webinar 16th April 2024 – Testing LLMs: Building Trust and Reducing Risk with Microsoft & KJR


Please join us for a discussion with David Waxman, Microsoft’s World-Wide Director of Industry Accelerators, Dr Kelvin Ross Founder of KJR and Chairman of the Queensland AI Hub, with host Andrew Hammond on Tuesday April 16th. You’ll here about KJR’s journey to implement Microsoft’s Public Sector Accelerator for ChatGPT and the lessons learnt along the way. 


Tuesday, 16th of April 2024 

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM GMT+10 

Online event 

Register here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/9e9c9caf-2ae1-4390-a833-ee9cf60f9f13@199679d1-f566-46c5-abdc-cd30e2e0d2c9  

  • Overview of Microsoft’s Public Sector Accelerator for ChatGPT – David Waxman 
  • KJR’s Approach to Building Trust in LLMs – Dr Kelvin Ross 
  • Q&A – David Waxman and Dr Kelvin Ross 
Platform Testing

Microsoft Azure’s ‘Public Sector Information Assistant’ brings forth a revolutionary platform designed to empower Public Sector Institutions with the capabilities of ChatGPT v4.

Built with Azure OpenAI, the Assistant is a chatbot poised to redefine data interaction. The platform leverages the power of generative AI large language models to let Public Sector employees or customers have meaningful conversations with their data.

In recognition of KJR’s expertise in software testing, Microsoft extended an exclusive invitation to refine their cutting-edge tool. The webinar will dive into the highs and lows of our testing experience for Microsoft and will shed light on the approach we adopted to evaluate this innovative tool.

“This collaboration highlights Microsoft’s recognition of KJR’s extensive expertise in software quality assurance, entrusting us with the crucial responsibility of testing a platform poised to refine data interaction”, says Dr Kelvin Ross.

Read more on testing Microsoft’s platform here: https://kjr.com.au/kjr-chosen-to-test-microsoft-azures-public-sector-information-assistant/