Digital vs. Basketball: Advisory & Assurance

Shooting the Breeze

29 August 2019

At KJR we love our sport almost as much as we love technology. With over 21 years of digital transformation projects under our belts and multiple lifetimes of witnessing the grit and grandeur of elite sports teams move towards ultimate success, we struck upon a theme. Or perhaps it was more the notion that when KJR teams deliver digital transformation projects to our clients, the driving factors of success are not too different to those of an elite sports team.

Our renewed partnership with WNBL reigning champions, the University of Canberra Capitals gave us the opportunity to explore this further and draw significant parallels to KJR’s three service pillars: Advisory & Assurance, Cybersecurity, and DevOps.

Let’s start with Advisory & Assurance…

Successful digital transformation projects don’t just happen. There needs to be focus, strategy and careful planning of all the components required for delivery. Much the same as delivering a perfect free-throw shot.

The basketball play…

Coaching a player through the mechanics of a successful free throw is all about perfecting technique. It may look easy, but if you want your players to make the shot every time, there’s a lot of training that needs to happen outside of the game. To the untrained eye, a wrist flick or foot placement may not matter, but sometimes it’s the smallest pieces of the puzzle that are the most important. After all, every point counts. And missing a free-throw could cost you the game.

The digital play…

Before you even think about launching into a digital transformation project you need to make sure your grand plans can be executed. You need expert and impartial advice, assessment of your current ‘form’ and someone who can guide you through the process. And once it’s ‘game-on’, you’ll need practices in place to keep the plans on track and ensure quality delivery every step of the way.

Intrigued? Jump over to our Advisory & Assurance page for more info on the digital side of things.

And don’t miss our next episode as we pitch Digital vs. Basketball on the matter of Cybersecurity. 

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