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3 Reasons DevSecOps Is Essential



DevSecOps, short for development, security, and operations, represents the future of software development and its securitisation. By addressing security issues as they arise, as opposed to at the end of the software development life cycle, DevSecOps creates stronger security sooner. Read on and let the software experts at KJR introduce you to the innovative and essential world of DevSecOps!

What Is DevSecOps?



The process of DevSecOps emphasises an embedded approach to security in software development. To put it simply, it is the ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ approach to securing your software. Instead of independent security and software quality assurance teams adding security at the end of the software development process, all developers from design to the testing stage are involved in data protection. 

Overall, this process involves:

  • Security at every stage of software development, from planning and coding, to building and testing. 
  • Shared responsibility for security across the entire software development and operations team. 
  • Automated security checks at various points of the software development process and beyond. 

But you may still be thinking, why is this integrated security approach so important? And what makes the traditional method of ‘design, test, then secure’ so flawed? We the software experts at KJR are here to end your confusion!


Stronger Security 

The traditional process of ‘design now, secure later’ was not largely effective in preventing data breaches in the early 2000s, but is certainly ineffective now considering the increasing complexity of today’s software applications. This is because as code complexity increases, so does the margin of error and hence the opportunity for data exploitation.

Moreover, implementing DevSecOps is especially important considering the more sophisticated security threats facing software developers today. By embedding security deep within each stage of the software development process, the end product is better placed to fight against those seeking to compromise private data. 


Faster Securitisation

Not only is non-DevSecOp optimised software less secure against data breaches, it is also more time consuming to produce. Let’s take the following example of a security issue in the preliminary stage of software development. 

In a non-DevSecOp optimised context, security is placed last on the agenda. Thus, when the issue is caught by the security team, the message has to be passed onto developers, who will need to fix the issue, then retest, before the security team can re-secure the software. 

Alternatively, a DevSecOp approach prioritises security at every stage, and automates this process as well. This saves time by reducing the need to repeatedly address security issues in earlier development stages of software. 

Reduce Expenses 

DevSecOps makes software securitisation cost effective in addition to time-efficient. This is due to three main factors, including automation, increased frequency of security testing, and the value that security is a shared responsibility of all individuals in a software development team. 

These factors together remove the traditional need to employ an independent security team. Additionally, automation ensures stronger security and achieves it faster through frequent security testing, which leads to less wasted time. 

As a result, DevSecOps is not only effective in ensuring security, but is also cost effective for your business. 

The software engineering team at KJR specialise in providing tech solutions for you and your business. For all your DevSecOp needs and otherwise, contact the software and IT experts at KJR!