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Batman in the back office – risk proofing your projects


At KJR, we like to think of ourselves as the superheroes of the IT world. We’re always at ready to swoop in at the first sign of danger, saving our clients from the perils of the software development journey.

While we all love the vision of the hero swooping in at the last minute (and we’ll do just that when required), no one ever wants to experience the nightmare of their software malfunctioning just before launch. These situations often can, and do, turn into complex forensic investigations – putting deadlines and reputations on the line and snowballing into project failures.

That’s why our wisest clients don’t just use KJR as a wartime superhero, shining the bat light in their darkest hour. Instead, they come to us as a pre-crime arbiter of the future – the Batman in the back office.

Because in the software development world, the best superhero is the one no one even knows exists.

Incorporating risk management into your everyday practice

KJR integrates an understanding of risk into the everyday practice of projects and the fabric of organizations. Software projects tend to be fraught with complexity and as such are inherently risky. Though dreamed up by the sharpest minds and organisations, the nature of software and code means that they are nearly always beset with holes and ambiguities. Even the simplest of concepts can contain unforeseen conflicting requirements (or outright contradictions) in what systems should do.

This is where the screw-ups happen. And these can be a lot more catastrophic than simply frustrating a customer or losing face. Consider when a dodgy software algorithm lost a stock firm $440m. Or when a seven billion dollar rocket blew up 30 seconds after launch simply because the software tried to cram a 64 bit number into a 16 bit space.

Avoid disaster by checking yourself early

You can test for these things. That’s what we’re here for. All of these fails were completely avoidable, but only with pre-emptive risk planning.

Engaging KJR’s quality assurance early on makes sure everyone gets real about what needs to be done before the ball can get rolling. We do this by nailing down practical examples of how each feature of a system should work, then testing them rigorously.

For example, one of our clients holds a business event each year that generates an exceptional level of customer engagement over a period of a few hours.  And for two years in a row there had been a host of challenging technical issues that no one had been able to diagnose.

Facing a third potential production outage, the organisation’s reputation (and bottom line) was seriously at risk. It was time to pick up the Batphone and dial KJR.

Like many organisations, their back office systems consisted of many layers of legacy systems with complex integration. So, KJR put together a team of our best performance testing gurus to discover the root cause of the problem. By taking a forensic approach to investigating the system behaviour, we ensured that everything ran smoothly. And the big day was saved.

Because we’re not about a quick fix, but rather fixing problems before they arise.

Rest assured – KJR are always just a phone call away

Just like the city of Gotham can sleep well at night with Batman watching over them, KJR is there to keep your mind at ease as you embark on your software development journey. Safe in the knowledge that if the proverbial software were ever to hit the fan – our professionals are just a phone call away. And under every suit and tie is a Batsuit.

Feel free to contact our team with any questions or if you’re curious as to how we can help you – 1300 854 063 / info@kjr.com.au