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A major Australian news publication and broadcaster


A major Australian news channel providing the latest breaking and rolling stories across traditional platforms identified many enhancements to their mobile channels that could be achieved through testing and quality advisory. Like many news corporations, the team has implemented mobile applications to offer their audiences curated, timely and on demand access to their catalogue of media. Offering audiences, the ability to select news topics that interest them and populating a tailored news feed for convenience.



KJR has been engaged as a trusted supplier for over 10 years, most recently being engaged to rectify issues and assure the quality of this app for user experience. When covid-19 lock-downs resulted in increased audience traffic (47% up from the previous year) to their mobile app users sought timely and topical news coverage more often. Through this heightened traffic, issues in app functionality and usability were uncovered and project requirements changed. KJR continued the engagement and adapted to these changes assisting with testing the apps existing features and newer features that were advised, as well as assure the apps compatibility across IOS and Android devices.



  • News app Functional (New features) Sprint Testing and Regression testing
  • Test execution across different platforms IOS and Android
  • Analytics Sprint Testing
  • Quality Assurance advisory
  • Scrum methodology


Key Outcomes

  • Implemented a framework for measuring app analytics to inform future improvements based on user activity; number or active users, active users logged in, popular features
  • Implemented a testing framework to ensure app actions are functional and deliver the end-user to their expected destination
  • Facilitated an increase in active app users and logged app users by ensuring the quality and assurance of the apps usability


Tools & Technologies

  • Google
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Firebase

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