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DevOps in Play

DevOps in Play

There are many analogies used to describe DevOps, but the simple analogy of “rowing a boat” succinctly captures the reliance that DevOps has on having both the right culture and the right tools

To practice DevOps, you need two things – culture and tools. By culture we mean a shared purpose and outcome across all project stakeholders and by tools we mean the process, framework and technology.

Having the same common goal drives culture and is critical to ensuring that people work together and (using the boat analogy) that team members are pulling in the same direction, no matter what task they are doing at any given time. And this is the mission critical for successful DevOps.

Until recently the focus leant heavily on ensuring DevOps projects employed the right tools, and while this is still important, if you don’t first address the cultural makeup of a DevOps team and the greater organisation, you will never see the anticipated outcomes.


Culture First

To achieve a high-performance DevOps state an organisation must pull down the barriers between the development and IT departments. If the two departments can communicate well, then collaboration becomes much easier, and the DevOps philosophy works.

KJR helps to facilitate this process on client site and has successfully deployed high-quality, high-speed DevOps style software delivery capability and pragmatic DevOps processes for many organisations, entrenched in this philosophy.

Including for a government agency that underwent a large system transfer, across multiple complex systems. KJR supported a pragmatic DevOps approach to this operation by establishing a collaborative culture between the clients Business, Development and QA teams to encourage timely deliverables.

However, DevOps also demands a lot of failure which interrupts the traditional mindset of many businesses. This is a focus KJR helps to achieve on client site. Helping the team to adjust surrounding business, inter-department communication, change management and software development processes resulted in:

  • The delivery of a multi-billion-dollar IT programme on an accelerated timeline.
  • A streamlined process that improved the delivery of business operations.
  • Successfully built a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline to improve team efficiency.


Tools to help

As mentioned before, employing the right tools can assist the implementation of a clients DevOps approach. After the cultural fit is established KJR can continue to mentor and expand on the team’s capability by introducing the tools as required.

  • Created and implemented an automation framework that allowed for automated and performance testing to be conducted earlier in the release lifecycle.
  • Assisted in delivering new functionality and business as usual enhancements.


Fail forward with KJR

DevOps shifts organisations to a culture of innovation and sm minimal viable product and this brings solutions to market much faster. qhis approach allows fq departments to streamline their way towards software delivery that happens without bottlenecks or hindrances.

A DevOps culture provides rapid and continuous delivery, with software being released as soon as it’s ready. A characteristic of organisations who implement DevOps well is responding more effectively to a fast-changing operating environment and becoming nimbler in the process.

Teams must constantly test and retest their development to learn from their previous activities. They must ‘fail forward’ before improving future work. Thus, from a cultural perspective the buy in of constant trial and celebration of failing often is essential from the senior level through to the wider team. This is where we step in as trusted partners in advisory and assurance for over 24 years and work with each client to best position them for successful DevOps deployment.

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