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KJR Collaborations with ACS and AIIA Shaping the Future of Tech


In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, the power of collaboration and partnership cannot be underestimated. For tech organisations, aligning with industry associations can be a strategic move that not only strengthens their presence but also enables them to contribute meaningfully to the industry’s growth and development. At KJR, we are strongly involved with two industry associations – the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).

These partnerships are not only a testament to KJR’s commitment to excellence but also reflect the company’s dedication to shaping the future of the tech industry.


ACS, as the largest professional organisation in Australia dedicated to the ICT sector, comprises members from various domains such as business, education, government, and the broader community. Their mission is to offer individuals and teams within organisations valuable avenues for enhancing their professional growth. Additionally, they play a crucial role in accrediting ICT education programs for training providers, with the overarching goal of meeting the future demands for ICT skills in Australia. 

KJR is now deep into its second decade as members of ACS with staff actively engaged across the country.

Virtual Interview Bootcamp Sets New Record

As a member of ACS, In November KJR hosted a virtual interview bootcamp with Graham Cummins, KJR QLD General Manager. This bootcamp was designed to help ICT graduates develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the tech industry.

With years of experience interviewing candidates for positions ranging from highly senior to entry-level roles, Graham provided guidance on what candidates should anticipate and the most effective strategies to employ during interviews. After the bootcamp, two lucky participants engaged in a 30-minute one-on-one mentoring session with Graham to help them further develop their skills in interviews.  ACS reported the bootcamp set a new record for participants at its virtual events.


The AIIA stands as the foremost advocacy and representative body for participants in the digital ecosystem within Australia. Since its establishment in 1978, the AIIA has actively engaged in initiatives aimed at fostering growth in the digital ecosystem, cultivating a favorable business environment for their members, and contributing to Australia’s economic well-being. KJR QLD Manager Graham Cummins is part of the AIIA Queensland Council, where he is able to help influence policy direction of the digital ecosystem in Queensland. 

KJR Wins 2023 National AIIA Diversity Award

This is one of the most significant milestones in the 26 years of KJR’s journey. On 31st August 2023, KJR was announced as winner of the AIIA Diversity Award at the 2023 National iAwardsThe award recognises individuals, teams, or organisations that have actively promoted diversity and inclusion by creating an atmosphere that values, motivates, and welcomes the unique abilities of each person.

Throughout the last 26 years, KJR has formulated strong HR guidelines and a CSR charter that align with our mission of making a constructive impact on diversity. Our dedicated efforts have been focused on enhancing diversity at KJR through the implementation of various internal initiatives, external sponsorships, and innovative technology projects that benefit communities across Australia. 

We congratulate our Industry Partner Smart AI Connect, whom KJR is working closely with on AI Governance and Assurance, on winning the AIIA 2023 Start-up of the Year Award for their Responsible AI Framework solution, and for their runner-up position for Best Startup of the Year at the Asia Pacific ICT 2023 Awards (APICTA) in Hong Kong. 


KJR’s involvement with AIIA does not stop. Andrew Hammond, KJR’s ACT & NSW General Manager contributed to the 2023 AIIA and KPMG report ‘Navigating AI: Analysis and guidance on the use and adoption of AI’. The report is a practical guide and checklist for business and Government considering principled adoption of AI. Andrew (Drew) also participated as a panel member in Melbourne when the AIIA took the report on the road to present to industry and government.

Drew recently represented KJR in the AIIA’s US trade delegation, alongside other businesses and senior government representatives, gaining profound insights into the tech industry’s future, notably what has been on everyone’s lips during 2023 – AI ! He shares

The tech industry’s evolution demands continuous learning and adaptation. Let’s embrace the transformative power of AI responsibly, and steer towards a future driven by innovation.

KJR looks forwards to continuing to work closely with ACS and AIIA in 2024 as the tech industry facing significant change and opportunity due to the impact of emerging technologies.