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Events Innovation

KJR Leading Innovation at the 3rd Indigenous Australian Datathon

Events Innovation

Organised at the James Cook University Gimuy (Cairns) Campusthe Indigenous Australian Datathon (IAD) is an annual community and technology workshop that serves as a platform for exploring data-driven solutions to real-world challenges faced by Indigenous communities. It brings together a diverse group of participants, including Traditional Owners, community leaders, students, and technologists, to collaborate on solving unique challenges through digital technologies.

This years’ event focused on themes such as Erosion, Health, Rock Art/Cultural Assets, Fauna Management, Animal Management, and Emergency Management.

KJR Mentors Winning Teams

KJR, a founding member, and for the third consecutive year a sponsor and tech partner, played a pivotal role in the success of the event. The spotlight of the event shone on the two winning teams, both part of the Emergency Management theme. Under the guidance of KJR Remote Data Technologies General Manager, Aaron Bell, these teams showcased the power of technology and innovation in addressing critical issues.  

The first winning team presented a groundbreaking solution using drone technology. Their project aimed to identify boats in distress at sea by employing thermal technology. This innovative approach allows for the swift alerting of rescue teams and the efficient dispatch of life-saving equipment. By incorporating live stream cameras and utilising data-driven decision-making, the team reduced wait times and increased the chances of safe rescue. 

The second winning team, featuring KJR Consultants, focused on a solution to prevent and prepare for bushfires, a significant challenge that impacts many Indigenous communities. By analysing vegetation and soil moisture levels, the team aimed to anticipate high-risk areas for bushfires. Their innovative solution used drone mapping, machine learning, and predictive models to identify and mitigate the risk. The solution would further be developed as an AI-driven model to significantly improve the accuracy of identifying high-fuel areas and would be used to facilitate the approval of cultural burns to prepare for the bush fire season. 

All team submissions were very strong. These two projects represent real-world indigenous issues we can use technology to address right now!

KJR consultants at the Indigenous Australian Datathon 

IAD Mission

The mission of the IAD is to create a space where individuals from various backgrounds and expertise can come together to learn and share. The Datathon empowers collective innovation by harnessing digital technologies to develop practical solutions that can be applied directly within the Indigenous community. 

KJR’s deep involvement in the event, including our mentorship and active participation, underscores our dedication to working with Indigenous communities to develop forward-thinking, community-driven solutions through digital technologies. 

Dr Kelvin Ross, KJR founder, presenting on drone capabilities and giving an overview of AI technology. 

The 3rd Indigenous Australian Datathon served as a compelling example of collective innovation and technology’s potential in addressing critical challenges encountered by Indigenous communities. KJR is proud to be part of this impactful initiative and looks forward to continuing its commitment to making a meaningful difference in the years to come. 

Over 130 participants with more than 45% representing Indigenous communities, IAD 2023 has been an overwhelming success

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