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KJR – the year that was


We’re reflective types over here at KJR. Which is why we’ve decided to take an in depth look at all that we’ve learnt this year – the good, the bad, the challenging, the confusing and the inspiring.

So kick back, get comfortable, and join us as we mull over what we’ve discovered along the way…

1. We don’t know everything, so we collaborated

Sometimes, even when you think you know best, it pays to listen to others. Embarking on an in-depth digital maturity study acted to highlight just how essential it is for KJR to seek out perspectives beyond our area of technical expertise. And as the kind of engagements we’ve taken on have become more complex and diverse, we’ve seen significant value in building our diversity at a partnership level as well as at a team level.

Which is why we’ve joined forces with the PwC Chair in Digital Economy at QUT, who were able to bring a broader academic perspective and process to the table as research partners. Likewise, Isobar have been the ideal industry partner due to their ability to articulate the key strategic concerns and communication practices a digital business needs to focus on. By seeking out partners with specialties that complement our areas of expertise, we’ve realised that while we don’t know everything – we’re more than willing to learn.

2. We lost our voice, so we communicated

For a whole eight weeks this year, our wonderful CEO Ash was stuck with laryngitis which left him without a working voice. During this time, the rest of us were reminded of the importance of communication – both verbal and non-verbal. Because at KJR we need to collaborate seamlessly across teams, states and industries.

While it was hard working without the vocal mastery of our CEO, we were reminded that we do not fall apart without one person. As a collective, KJR was able to harness its knowledge and work as a team to get everything across the line – from mastering million dollar projects to organising team laptops.

3. We threw ourselves in the deep end, so we learnt to be vulnerable

KJR is a great place to learn. We have a habit of throwing ourselves into the deep end of the learner’s pool, only to find out that we have the stamina of Olympic swimmers. But to even consider throwing yourself in, first you need to learn to be vulnerable. This year, we’ve learnt that vulnerability, both personally and professionally, creates a space where connections and honesty thrive. And it is always worth making that leap of faith.

4. When things seemed hopeless, we persisted

This year, we took on a project for a client who thought that we were doomed from the start. With little guidance on offer, we had to hustle – giving a new meaning to ‘working smarter’. So we had to make a lot of educated guesses as to how the applications were supposed to behave.

That was back in March. Since then, we’ve learnt that persistence is key. And despite the doubt that faced us, we did some of our best work. Thanks to our expert knowledge, we were able to change the tune of the pessimists. Because we know that perseverance makes for quality work, which results in quality outcomes and happy clients.

5. Now it’s time to step up

KJR celebrated its 20th birthday this year – an amazing achievement which has accumulated some incredible projects in its time. With a business legacy steeped in testing and risk assurance, and as the world wises up to digital transformation, we’ve realised that we can excel in so many more ways than the classic K.J. Ross. So now is the time to transform the way we’re perceived and step into the light!

In the early months of 2018, you’ll notice some changes in the way we talk, how we look and the places we’re seen. But one thing’s for certain, we’ll never lose sight of what’s made us great. Namely, our engaged culture and the expertise we deliver in every single thing we do.

So here’s to a 2017 that made us a little braver and wiser. We can’t wait to see what next year throws our way.