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Podcast Press: How artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare with DataRWE


DataRWE is a Queensland technology start-up and KJR partner company aiming to revolutionise global healthcare through the creation of a clinical data-sharing platform. The Queensland Government has funded $1.5m to fuel the data-sharing platform on its mission to enable global change. 

KJR Founder and Chairman, Kelvin Ross is going deep within DataRWE as its Chief Technology Officer, and is joined by DataRWE CEO Steve Woodyatt, speaking with our friends at the MTPConnect Podcast about the growing impact of DataRWE, particularly under the lens of COVID-19.

You can listen to MTPConnectPodcast here  

Or, if you’re more of a reader, we’ve pulled together a handy summary for you down below. 

What is DataRWE? 

Steve:DataRWE’s mission is to partner with health services across Australia and ultimately the Asia-pacific region to develop a comprehensive platform containing de-identified data on millions of intensive care episodes. This data resource will fuel AI and machine learning techniques in the rapid development of Med-Tech innovations.”

Kelvin: “We’re trying to create real world evidence for researchers and next generation developers of medical diagnostics and products.”

Clinical-Technical Allies. 

Kelvin:The investment from the QLD Government has allowed DataRWE to bring forward our recruitment of key staff and further accelerate the development of our data-sharing platform. This is a critical step in turning our Medical AI hub research into a global hub.” 

Steve:Global collaboration has been valuable to us in two ways: we can share our data securely with researchers, and … calibrate [global models] against our own data We wouldn’t have been able to build models with Australia’s limited data, but this allows us to fine-tune existing models to suit our situation.”


Kelvin: “We initially focused the on impact on our health system, particularly when around the world we were seeing there were not enough intensive care units available. … We’ve built a clinical dashboard for each bed in each unit, which effectively shows the trajectory of the disease for the patient.”

Steve: “Healthcare is a highly-regulated industry so being ready to share data, especially during a pandemic, is very important. Having a dashboard that supports diagnosis that clinicians have made and shows trajectories is absolutely critical in fast tracking management of pandemics.”

Interested in keeping up with DataRWE? Check out their website for more info here.