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Sustainability in Action: KJR’s Commitment to the Environment and People


As one of the top 20 AI companies in Australia, KJR has emerged as a sustainable leader in the industry, demonstrating an outstanding commitment to community development efforts. At KJR, we prioritise values such as inclusion, collaboration, and diversity. With an emphasis on addressing social and environmental concerns, KJR collaborates with two organisations, promoting cooperative initiatives and working alongside similar-minded partners to contribute to the broader community through technological solutions.

Reducing e-waste

Did you know?

While e-waste is frequently overlooked despite its significance, KJR is proactive in combating this issue in the industry. As a socially responsible organisation operating within the technology sector, we recognise the importance of protecting the environment and reducing the impact of our operations on the planet. One of the ways we can achieve sustainability to maximum effect is by properly disposing of our hardware and electronic waste.


Established in Brisbane in 2012, Substation33 was founded to provide a workplace where people from long term unemployment and marginalised backgrounds could gain confidence and skills to transition to mainstream employment. A second motivator was to address the increasing amount of electronic equipment going to landfill – to recycle, repurpose and reuse e-waste thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment. With emerging e-waste issues, SubStation33 is committed to improving our social and ecological environment, working with others to provide opportunities for disadvantaged people and who are devoted to repurposing e-waste into innovative products.

KJR QLD General Manager Graham Cummins welcomes this initiative:

"We're thrilled to join forces with Substation33. This collaboration represents a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and creating opportunities for individuals with long term unemployment. By donating our used hardware to Substation33, we're not only giving new life to technology but also empowering those in need."

KJR’s Brisbane office donates its used hardware (screens, laptops, cables, digital phones) to Substation33 for recycling or repurposing. Up to now, they have supported, mentored, and trained more than 1200 volunteers to perform near 100,000 hours of activity in their facility.


Outlook is a social enterprise based in Victoria. They create sustainable opportunities in the workforce for all people, including those with disabilities. KJR partners with Outlook’s environmental branch to recycle our used hardware. As a socially responsible organisation operating within the technology sector, KJR recognises the importance of protecting the environment and reducing the impact of our operations on the planet. Whilst we are not a manufacturer, distributor or reseller of technology hardware, KJR purchases and owns an array of devices that support our ability to deliver services in software quality assurance for our customers and partners. Outlook undertakes the recycling and reusing of laptops, screens and other unused hardware from KJR’s Melbourne office as needed, selling them for their own financial benefit. All profits derived from our social enterprise operations are reinvested back in to the organisation, to support Outlook’s purpose of growing, promoting and advocating an inclusive community. They are committed to enabling people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as other members of our community.

VIC KJR General Manager Anil Kumar welcomes this partnership:

Through these strategic alliances, KJR is deepening its dedication to enhancing our society, fostering collaborative engagements and working with like-minded partners for the benefit of the wider community. We are looking forward to working with Outlook.

Community benefits

Choosing to donate and discard our devices with these organisations not only guarantees that KJR fulfills its role in safeguarding the environment but also supports the growth, development and future of local communities across QLD and VIC. It empowers people with disabilities and those from marginalised communities by providing them with access to employment opportunities. This provides these individuals with valuable work experiences that they can benefit from and allows them to leverage these experiences for future employment. Overall, the community benefits extend beyond environmental considerations, encompassing social inclusion, diversity promotion, and the creation of a more supportive and forward-thinking community.