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Why KJR is embracing P3M3


Quality assurance is deeply entrenched in KJR’s legacy. We’ve been a class-act in the space for over 21 years and with that we’ve needed to maintain absolute laser focus on process. In client scenarios, KJR will often be working with program managers who are tasked with vetting quality across the whole lifecycle. When not managed correctly this can easily become a huge project burden, wearing people down and eroding confidence as a result. The solution?

While it’s in our culture to keep things light and loose, when it comes to client delivery we do not compromise on proven process and methodology. The quality of project management processes inevitably impacts the quality of technical deliverables, so a natural extension of our focus on technical quality assurance has been to also address project assurance. By adopting Portfolio, Program and Project Management (P3M3) as a project assurance methodology, KJR can draw on this globally proven approach that enables us to work faster and smarter for our clients. By obtaining a formal P3M3 assessor accreditation, our consultants are equipped with tools that address the different roles and stages within a project, and we also have the benefit of benchmarking through the process to track against industry both in Australia and around the world.

So, why would our clients get excited about KJR having accreditations in P3M3?

With the tidal wave of new tech on the horizon, it’s not uncommon for programs to drown instead of surfing that sucker into shore. Stakeholders need confidence. They need to know that there is a proven process in place to ensure everyone remains attached to their surfboards. Or if they fall off, there’s a plan in place to scoop them up (surfing metaphors over).

With most organisations, using a mixture of vendor-supplied solutions that need to integrate with each other and with legacy technology, having a mature and flexible project and program management capability is often the true key to delivering a high-quality system overall. P3M3 provides a practical framework for assessing real-world project and program management processes, which typically are a mix of formal and informal elements. The assessment stage can assist organisations in establishing a benchmark across different business areas, help identify which current capabilities would most benefit from improvement, and provide guidance on practical improvement steps.

Whether your digital risk lies in the technical challenges of your project or in the overall delivery process, we’ll always focus on how you can be enabled to face those challenges with confidence. KJR is amongst only a handful of consultancies in Australia with P3M3 accredited consultants.

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