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Building the Future Together: KJR’s journey with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander People

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face some unique barriers to participation in the economy. Historic economic marginalisation, together with low intergenerational wealth transfer, and the ongoing impact of poor education, employment and health outcomes mean Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people require additional business support, access to information and access to capital to establish and grow their businesses. 

Key Facts

Of the 2.1 million businesses in Australia, around 12,000 to 16,000 are Indigenous-owned. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men are more than twice as likely to be self-employed as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. Over the next decade, we expect over 73,000 additional working-age Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (20 to 44 years old) to join the Australian economy. If we support the Indigenous start-ups to grow at commensurate levels with non-Indigenous start-ups, the sector could grow by up to 8,000 new Indigenous businesses over the next ten years. 

KJR’s Partnership with Kinaway

KJR is proud to be partnering with Kinaway in Victoria. Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is the leading Victorian organisation dedicated to supporting Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners. They facilitate connections between corporate partners and Indigenous-led businesses, providing a culturally safe space for networking, collaboration and mutual partnership.

Furthermore, they help empower Indigenous owners and founders, as well as support their growth, offering confidential one-on-ones and educational workshops with all Indigenous businesses embarking on the program.

KJR collaborates with Kinaway to foster connections, partnerships, and engagements with local Victorian Indigenous businesses, contributing directly to the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Our Partnership with Indigenous-Owned Businesses

Our involvement with Indigenous owned businesses goes beyond Victoria –

Jarramali Cultural Tech Tours

At KJR, we are committed to harnessing technology for the greater benefit, collaborating with diverse groups to develop tech-based solutions for community issues. We’re thrilled about our partnership with the Indigenous-owned Jarramali Rock Art Tours in far North Queensland, where we’re applying modern technologies to help preserve and share Indigenous rock art and culture.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, we aim to create a database of rock art images, providing educational insights into their significance. This initiative is designed to support Jarramali and similar communities in safeguarding their cultural heritage.

The Indigenous Australian Datathon

The Indigenous Australian Datathon (IAD) is an annual event that combines community and technology, providing a platform for addressing real-world challenges encountered by Indigenous communities through data-driven solutions. It unites a diverse array of participants, including Traditional Owners, community leaders, students, and technologists, to work together in leveraging digital technologies to tackle unique challenges.

Starting in 2021, we hosted the third IAD at the James Cook University Gimuy (Cairns) Campus in November 2023. The IAD’s mission is to establish a collaborative space where individuals from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise can gather to exchange knowledge. The Datathon fosters collective innovation by utilising digital technologies to create tangible solutions that can directly benefit Indigenous communities.

Community benefits

By fostering entrepreneurship and creating sustainable business opportunities, it promotes economic empowerment within indigenous communities. This leads to increased financial independence, job creation, and skills development, contributing to the overall economic growth of indigenous populations.

Moreover, supporting businesses rooted in indigenous knowledge and traditions enables the broader community to gain access to unique products and services, fostering cultural diversity and appreciation.

Through these partnerships, KJR is expanding its commitment to improving the world through fostering collaborative engagements and working with like-minded partners for the benefit of the wider community.