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Innovation News

KJR celebrates 25 years of Technology and Community with unveiling of West Yalanji artwork.

Innovation News

KJR presents an Indigenous branded artwork depicting West Yalanji design, created by First Nations artist Jedess Hudson, to commemorate the connection between Technology and Community in Far North Queensland where KJR supports Indigenous cultural preservation through technological innovation.

The art-piece illustrates recognition of Indigenous cultures, their artwork, ancient technologies and traditional modes of storytelling, connected to KJR’s story; values, mission and brand. 

Utilising KJR’s brand colours the piece highlights a connection between nature and technology (ancient and modern) through the depiction of a neural network linking nodes representative of KJR’s values and missions; technology, human, community, learning and explorer and juxtaposed against elements connected to earth. 

Each quadrant symbolises the exploration of these values through visual elements that recognise a bond with the land celebrated by the West Yalanji mob. Amongst these include a tree of life with a deep root system to represent the importance of forever learning and growing within for sharing knowledge outwards, as well as watering holes that further the notion of sharing resources to illustrate humanity and community.

Tree of life with deep root system

Watering holes

KJR’s partnership with Western Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation and Jarramali Enterprises explores solutions to preserving ancient customs and traditional knowledge within community and education in Indigenous cultures through modern technology. This includes the up-skilling of local First Nations rangers in emerging technologies, drone mapping and AI-ML to recover and re-discover rock art on country so this can be documented and shared with future generations.

In addition, KJR is supporting the catalysation of forward thinkers within Indigenous communities making space for discussions on how best to adapt successful business models to inspire more entrepreneurs to innovate and bring business to the region.

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