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The Collective

KJR Collective Catch Ups: Sheemal Visun

The Collective

A couple of times a month, we like to get to know members of the KJR Collective a little better. Today we catch up with Sheemal Visun.

Years in the industry: 5

Started at KJR: In August 2018

Based in: Sheemal’s “mentally based everywhere”, although she’s physically based at our Melbourne office.

Currently working with: As Talent Partner, Sheemal doesn’t work directly with KJR clients on projects. However, she’s always in communication with potential members of the Collective and clients to find the perfect candidate for their needs.

What Sheemal loves most about her job…

“The relationships I get to build with different people”. With her role having a major focus on the onboarding process of KJR employees, Sheemal has the opportunity to form relationships with members of the Collective before they even start, regardless of where they are based. She enjoys “helping them grow” in their careers as well as the diversity of “talking to so many different personalities from so many different streams”, which gives her a unique insight into the industry. Sheemal really enjoys “the vibe” at KJR. “There are times where I’m challenged with my work, but I always feel able to share these challenges with the people around me. Everyone has each other’s back”.

How Sheemal got into this industry…

Although Sheemal is an HR superstar now, she didn’t always have this career path in mind. After completing her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at RMIT University in Melbourne, she worked at a recruitment agency as a marketing assistant. She found she wasn’t passionate about the role, but when her manager suggested shifting into recruitment, she accepted after some heavy consideration – “I really enjoyed the process of hiring people and getting to know them.”

After a few years as a recruiter, Sheemal was ready to go ‘client-side’ so she could pursue her interest in internal processes and broaden her HR skills. She chose KJR for the culture, which allowed her to learn and progress as an HR professional in a friendly environment. “It makes you want to do well and learn more as you work”.

What Sheemal thinks about the future of tech…

“I hope Instagram takes over the world, and I hope I become a major influencer”.

Jokes aside, Sheemal suspects that technology will have a large impact on her career, in a positive way. “I think automation is something that will really take over, making tasks like administration more efficient”. She hopes this will lead to deeper collaboration between departments of an organisation as their time frees up. They will then be able to focus on “the bigger picture” for the company. “This collaboration between departments is something KJR already does and it will be interesting to see how it evolves”.

She also does other things…

When she’s not spending time with Phantom, her husky, you can find Sheemal exploring some of the trendier rooftop bars across Melbourne with her friends, trying out new cocktails and sharing her experiences on Instagram. Sheemal also has a passion for travelling and adventuring, and tries to visit a new country every year. “I try to travel and see the world when I can. My family and friends like to lie on the beach, but I prefer to be out exploring ancient temples and landmarks”.

Sheemal’s final word of advice…

“Be proactive – you’re in charge of your future. If you want to advance your skills and progress your career, it’s important to take that initiative and go out and do so through extra projects, courses or hobbies rather than solely relying on your job. It’s also important for people to share what they find interesting with other people – especially in tech!”

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