In the news: A hacker almost certainly has your data

Cyber Serious

29 October 2019

Over 70 people gathered at King & Wood Mallesons in Brisbane on Friday 25th October to hear about the ‘Facts & Future of Cybersecurity’. The panel line up was facilitated by KWM’s John Swinston and included KJR’s Sylvia Choa and Adam Bird. They were joined by international speaker and Presidential Innovation Fellow at The White House, Davey Gibian who preceded the panel with a keynote presentation highlighting how artificial intelligence is going to change the way we do business in the future and the implications of cybersecurity.

From regulation to passwords on sticky notes, the panel visited a number of issues on the leading topic of cybersecurity. Catching the eye of our guest journalist, Stuart Layt from the Brisbane Times was the following:

A hacker almost certainly has your data. What are you going to do about it?

Somewhere, on a dusty server in the far reaches of the internet, a hacker has your data. Yes, you, reading this now.

The question, says international cyber security expert Davey Gibian, is: what are you going to do about it?

“The fact is, AI is already being embedded into mission-critical systems across organisations even if you don’t know it yet,” Mr Gibian said.

“It might be at the third-party vendor level. It might be deep within the organisation somewhere but it is having an impact, and with it comes risks.”

Managing those risks would be a process every business large or small would struggle with, he said.

But compounding the problem was companies’ increasing hunger for raw data, usually gained through their customer base.

Read the full article in the Brisbane Times.

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