In the news: How Queensland businesses are handling new work-from-home practices


6 April 2020

KJR Founder and Chairman, Kelvin Ross shared with the Brisbane Times his perspective on the impact COVID-19 on KJR and the wider Brisbane business community.

This is an excerpt of an original article published in Brisbane Times on 5th April 2020. Read the full piece here.

Queensland businesses have experienced a decade of change in the space of three weeks due to the coronavirus, the boss of a leading tech firm says.

Businesses around the world were forced to adopt working-from-home practices very rapidly as governments increased restrictions on movement and the number of people who could gather.

“What’s interesting is these tools didn’t really exist five years ago to enable people to work from home in the way they’re doing now, so in that respect, we’re actually fortunate this is happening now.”

He was surprised the technology transition had been relatively easy; it was the social aspects of working from home that proved to be the biggest challenge for many businesses.

“[Within KJR] we’ve set up things like Slack channels just to check in on people and see how they’re going,” he said.

“The other change I’ve noticed is that I’m actually busier now than I was before we made the transition. I’m always in meetings because I’m accessible in a way I wasn’t before and other businesses have also found that.”

Read the full article in Brisbane Times.

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