News: KJR a founding partner of the very first Northern Australian Indigenous Datathon in Cairns.


15 October 2021

KJR has partnered with Northern Australian Indigenous Datathon to host their inaugural 2 day event running from 5th– 7th of November 2021. 

The first Datathon of its kind is to be held in Cairns and will bring together a diverse group of data professionals, Indigenous communities and students to explore digital and data driven solutions to solve real-world Indigenous community challenges.

During the two-day event participants will work within groups to create and pitch their solutions using the data sets provided, presenting to an impressive panel of industry mentors, community members and fellow colleagues. 

Participants will also have the chance to handle data and develop tools that solve real world problems, as well as create connections and foster collaborative engagement with technologists, students and Indigenous peoples and communities.

Tech expertise is not required. Anyone who is passionate about making a positive impact on Indigenous communities and would like to affect technological innovation that can be transferred back into these community groups are welcome to join.

If this sounds like you, register for your ticket now.