Video Presentation: AI, big data and privacy


19 May 2022

Echoed repeatedly is “Data is the new oil” which reflects the importance of data in determining insights using recent advances in machine learning. Concerns are emerging that data sharing, and secondary use of data by external parties can potentially infringe on our human rights, therefore Governments are embarking on increased regulation to address community concerns. 

As KJR, Datarwe and Smart AI Connect continue to join forces on projects in data quality, data science and AIML assurance for the medical, healthcare and public safety sectors, we share insights into the role governance, assurance and AI can play, to solve the concerns of privacy amidst a data rich world.

KJR Founder Dr Kelvin Ross, Datarwe data technician Will Lutz and Smart AI Connect CEO Chris Lane co-presented the de-identification process and AI powered data management frameworks used to preserve privacy in patient/public data sets at The Precinct’s Stair Stadium in Brisbane on the 12th May- hosted by KJR General Manager Graham Cummins. In which they posited the opportunity AI holds for solving these privacy concerns across industries.

If you missed it you can tune into the full presentation below.

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