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The Transformative Impact of AI on the Tech Industry


The technology sector has always been at the forefront of innovation, driving changes that ripple through every facet of our lives. However, the introduction and proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing about a paradigm shift redefining the very essence of how tech companies operate, innovate, and deliver products and services. Find out more on the profound ways in which AI is reshaping the tech industry.

How is the industry changing?

Automation of Routine Tasks: Within consultancy engagements, AI is enabling the automation of routine and repetitive operations. This improves productivity and helps professionals to concentrate on more strategic and high-value areas of their job.

Enhanced Data Analysis: Consultants are utilising AI to handle and analyse massive volumes of data faster and more precisely than ever. This capability enables for greater understanding and more accurate decision-making for their customers.

Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics allows IT consultants to estimate trends, behaviours, and results with higher accuracy. This skill can be extremely useful for strategic planning and risk management.

New Service Offerings: Consultancies are creating new service lines centered on AI, such as AI strategy development, ethical AI consulting, data governance, and AI-powered digital transformation.

Benefits of employing AI

Generative AI could have a substantial impact on shareholder value by offering innovative opportunities to achieve organisational goals such as:

Increase revenue: AI-powered testing tools can automate the testing process, ensuring faster and more comprehensive testing. This reduces the time-to-market for software releases and enhances overall software quality, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

Develop customer engagement: Generative AI can increase customer engagement by disrupting established value chains and business models and empowering companies to produce and deliver content directly to consumers, cutting out conventional middlemen. Engaged customers are more likely to recommend a tech product or service to others through word-of-mouth, which can lead to company growth and increased market share.

Reduce costs and improve productivity: Generative AI capabilities can simplify processes and speed up results, whether by augmenting the efforts of human workers (e.g., summarising, simplifying and classifying content), generating software code or optimising chatbot performance. GenAI can also make use of previously unused (and thus wasted) data.

Is Your Business AI-Ready?

Gartner research shows mature AI organisations represent only 10% of those currently utilising AI. The careful and proactive application of AI will determine whether it is a long-term success or a potential catastrophe.

  • By 2026, more than 100 million workers will use robocolleagues (virtual colleagues) to contribute to company work.

  • By 2033, more than half a billion net new people jobs will be created as a result of AI solutions that are used to supplement or perform tasks, activities, or jobs autonomously.

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