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Data Quality Assurance for Media and Entertainment Digital Platforms


Data quality assurance is a peak consideration for those with strong ties to the media and entertainment industries, and the relevant platforms they use. It helps media companies deliver high-quality products and services to their customers for a consistent user experience across all platforms. Only then can they break through the clutter and come to the forefront of customers’ minds. 

However, testing these platforms are extremely complicated and require extensive skills and specialised tools. In this article, we explore how KJR’s automated testing tools can optimise the OTT (over-the-top) testing process for media and entertainment organisations.  We’ll also examine real-life examples of organisations improving their OTT testing with KJR’s assistance.

Importance of Data Quality Assurance in Media and Entertainment

69% of Australians use at least 1 streaming service with over one-quarter residents aged 12 and above using smart speakers. So, to deliver a consistent user experience, the media and entertainment application must be tested for the security of user data, protection against latency issues, identifying bugs or glitches, and addressing potential security vulnerabilities.

OTT testing will provide valuable insights on how customers interact with the platform. It can identify and resolve problems from early on, preventing disruptions to the platform and maintaining customer satisfaction. With the number of entertainment platforms increasing and becoming complex, it is extremely crucial for the organisations to use data quality assurance to remain ahead of the competition. 

The promise of seamless user experience and immersive content will allure more customers. So will the assurance of encryption measures such as SSL/TLS certificates or token-based authentication systems to secure their information from malicious actors. 

Types of Data Quality Assurance Testing for Media and Entertainment Platforms

To ensure data quality assurance, specialists need to test for features and functions. They can do so through:

Feature Testing

Feature testing or functional testing does a full scope investigation from smoke to exploratory testing. It determines what behaviour is a feature and what is a bug, can timely detect errors, and verify that novel functionality didn’t affect the features. 

UI Testing

It inspects whether the frontend elements are enabling interactions with functionality on the backend (buttons, forms, text inputs, links, checkboxes, etc.). 

API Testing

Checks integrations with third-party services, databases, operating systems, libraries, etc.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is usually the final check before release. This is when a product is handed to users outside the development team for them to look at it from a fresh perspective and share initial feedback.

For data quality assurance, specialists may also conduct non-functional testing to understand software behaviour. This helps them learn how a product works, what its speed is, usability, accessibility among others. This type of testing includes:

Performance Testing

The tests would estimate if the product would be able to handle their predicted user loads and how it would behave under heavy traffic. 

Compatibility Testing 

This testing is run on multiple devices having different hardware specifications, operating systems, browsers and their versions, etc. 

Localisation Testing

Inspects products from the perspective of a segmented audience residing in a specified region. They may use a particular language or have certain cultural peculiarities. 

UX Testing

Check to see how easy and pleasant to use a product is, considering both design and implemented logic. 

How KJR Has Assisted Prominent Organisations in Improving Their OTT Testing through Data Quality Assurance

Many media and entertainment enterprises have greatly benefited from KJR’s automated testing tools in improving their OTT testing process through data quality assurance. Rowing Australia, for example, had taken a significant step towards expanding its digital presence through the selection of a replacement CRM to replace its legacy systems, prioritising a smooth transition into their newly designed, consolidated data management system for a user experience that felt cohesively unified. 

Our process is to action this through: project scoping, identifying a problem statement, a system recommendation report, and its final implementation plan to eventually execute its recommended transformation to the association’s databases. 

Our focus on modernising RA’s data management system looks to keep interactions proactively functional and optimised, amid a landscape of ever-innovating speed and hardware augmentations, and a world continually on a shift toward a digital onus. 

KJR has also helped another leading broadcast and news channel in Australia to enhance user experiences and implement a framework for measuring app analytics that would inform future improvements based on user activity. 

Key Takeaways

Software quality engineering consultancies, like KJR, equip organisations with the necessary tools for the ultimate data quality assurance. This would help identify potential issues and streamline the OTT testing process. With the intention to improve customer experience, our specialists would use AI-driven insights, advanced analytics capabilities, streamlined workflows, and customer support services to ensure the security of media and entertainment organisations, which are heavily reliant on digital platforms. For more on data quality consultation and security optimisation, contact KJR to scope out your project today!