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Utilities IT Consulting: Ways to Leverage Emerging AI Tech


As the energy sector undergoes a rapid transition towards renewable energy sources, the incorporation of new technologies becomes imperative. KJR plays a vital role in assisting energy companies to navigate this transformation by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing. By embracing these advancements, organisations can expand their utilities IT for analysis, automation, real-time prediction, and risk minimisation. In this article, KJR explains how they can help the energy sector to transition into renewable energy sources with enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Harnessing the Power of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the connection and communication between devices, sensors, and systems in the energy infrastructure. Utilities IT consulting helps energy companies leverage IoT technologies to collect vast amounts of data from renewable energy sources, smart grids, and energy management systems. This data can be used for real-time monitoring, remote asset management, predictive maintenance, and energy optimisation. By analysing IoT-generated data, organisations can make informed decisions, identify inefficiencies, and optimise renewable energy generation and distribution.

In one of KJR’s recent projects, they worked with one of Victoria’s largest government owned retail water corporations to provide them with accurate and secure storage of data collected from household metres, as well as efficient reporting on metre performance for improved operations. This was done by the integration of PEGA tools and IoT applications. 

Embracing Cloud Computing for Scalability and Agility

Cloud computing offers energy companies the flexibility and scalability required to manage the growing complexity of renewable energy systems. KJR can assist in implementing cloud-based platforms that enable efficient data storage, processing, and analysis. By leveraging the cloud, organisations can access powerful computing resources, run sophisticated algorithms, and perform complex simulations for accurate real-time prediction and risk minimisation. Cloud computing also facilitates collaboration, data sharing, and remote access, enabling seamless operations across distributed teams and locations.

Advanced Analytics for Insightful Decision-Making

Machine learning algorithms, data mining techniques, and predictive analytics models can apply to IoT-generated data, historical records, and external data sources. By analysing this data, organisations can gain a deeper understanding of energy patterns, forecast energy demand, optimise energy generation and distribution, and proactively mitigate risks. Data-driven insights enable informed decision-making, resource allocation, and long-term planning for a successful renewable energy transition.

Automation for Operational Efficiency

Automation plays a critical role in streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing efficiency in the energy sector. KJR can assist energy companies in implementing automation technologies that optimise processes, enhance grid management, and reduce human error. By leveraging IoT-enabled devices and intelligent systems, energy companies can automate tasks such as asset monitoring, fault detection, energy distribution, and demand response. 

In multiple projects with a leading supplier of natural gas and energy distribution that was seeking to digitally transform across their software delivery life-cycle, KJR leveraged its technical and business consulting expertise to provide the client with their goal. KJR also identified potential risks, options for mitigation and opportunities for improvement.

Enhancing Cybersecurity for Data Protection

As the energy sector adopts new technologies, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of robust cybersecurity. KJR will provide expertise in helping energy companies implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures – so as to protect sensitive data, infrastructure, and systems in a way that maintains their integrity in use. In the industry, this can often include adopting secure IoT protocols, implementing encryption techniques, conducting vulnerability assessments, and establishing incident response plans. By prioritising cybersecurity, organisations can minimise the risk of cyber threats, safeguard critical infrastructure, and maintain the integrity of renewable energy systems.

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