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Events The Collective

Event Wrap: Celebrating Collaboration, Connection and Diversity at KJR’s 2024 Co-op

Events The Collective
KJR Co-op 2024

This year’s Co-op was a celebration of unity and a shared passion for technology. Over two days, 100 team members from across Australia came together on the Gold Coast. The KJR Co-op has always been a cornerstone of our company culture, fostering not only professional growth but also reinforcing our bonds through teamwork. Together, we explored innovative ideas, tackled challenges, and strengthened connections that go beyond the workplace.

Training & Growth

The Co-op kicked off with a dynamic start on the first day, featuring an exceptional speech by Marco Renai. Marco is the founder of the MOB Academy (Men of Business), based on the Gold Coast, and the Queensland winner of the 2024 Australian of the Year Awards. KJR has been supporting MOB for several years. MOB is an alternate school that focuses on empowering young men with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be happy, healthy and successful in life. Energised by this empowering speech, we transitioned to a soft skills workshop, equipping team members with crucial soft skills that are indispensable in the tech industry.

KJR made a major donation to the MOB Academy

On the same morning, the KJR Collective was congratulated on a successful year and acknowledged for its excellence in striving towards the company’s mission, vision and purpose by KJR Founder Dr Kelvin Ross. Sessions presented by our Chief Financial Officer Des Moyo, General Managers Anil Kumar (VIC), Andrew Hammond (ACT), Graham Cummins (QLD), Strategic Business Development Manager Brett Lyndon and our Talent and Culture Manager Sheemal Visun also supported the positive sentiment.

In the afternoon, the Collective took the opportunity to dive deep into the innovative world of our partners at our Tech Expo. We explored cutting-edge products and services from tech leaders like Maxus AISmart AI ConnectIntelliHQBiTQ, and Fly Freely.

KJR’s tech partners

We were also honoured to host special guests Johnny Murison from Jarramali and Dennis Fay from Salty Monkeys. Their unique insights and experiences added invaluable layers to our understanding of technology’s positive impact on Indigenous communities.

The afternoon session continued with a tech activity. Divided into groups, KJR members worked with our tech partners using AI-enabled testing tools to accelerate testing and quality assurance process. It was followed by a presentation from KJR CTO Dr Mark Pedersen and General Manager Aaron Bell on KJR’s innovation projects.

A Night of Olympic Spirit and Celebration

This year’s Co-op theme was the ‘Olympic’. As night fell, everyone joined a night of celebration dressed in their favourite Olympic sports outfits, or a costume that showcases their origins. We celebrated KJR’s diversity and team member’s milestones:

Customer Excellence Awards

Starting the evening with the Customer Excellence Awards, we celebrated 8 consultants who went above and beyond their regular duties, making the impossible possible and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Kudos Awards

The KJR Kudos Awards are given to four individuals who are identified by their peers as ambassadors of the KJR Champion, Explorer, Human and Truth-teller values. Congratulations to the 2024 award winners Adrian Ugray as Truth-Teller, Tim Moloney as Champion, Renard Vardy as Human and Tracey Nguyen as Explorer.

Service Milestones

We celebrated the 25th work anniversary of Melanie Ross, the 20th work anniversary of Jonathan Hall, the 15th work anniversary of ACT General Manager Andrew Hammond, and the 5th work anniversary of QLD General Manager Graham Cummins.

Kudos Winners

Service Milestones Recipients

Olympic Medalist Sara Carrigan

Special Appearance

We had the great opportunity to meet Sara Carrigan, an Australian Olympic gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. She shared her passion for cycling and working as a team with the KJR Collective.

Co-op Cup

A switch from the intense learning sessions of the previous day, we stepped out into the sunshine for the KJR Olympic tournament on Saturday morning. Participants were grouped by regions (QLD, ACT, VIC), competing against different regions tackling drone challenges. Congratulations to the QLD team for winning the 2024 Co-op Cup! Throughout the event, we saw a remarkable development of creativity, problem-solving and teamwork, which are the core purpose of the Co-op.

2024 Co-op Wrap-up

As we reflect on the success of this year’s Co-op, we are reminded of the incredible power of bringing people together. From exhilarating competitions to celebrations, each moment was a building block towards stronger relationships and shared achievements. This event not only reinforced our commitment to growth and innovation but also celebrated the diverse talents and backgrounds that make KJR a leader in the tech industry. We look forward to creating more unforgettable memories at next year’s Co-op.