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Achieve Safe and Responsible AI Adoption with KJR

Implementing Responsible AI

KJR has actively contributed to the journey of implementing AI responsibly and securely. In 2023 our ACT General Manager, Andrew (Drew) Hammond participated in the Ministerial Roundtable on AI Regulation and Governance organised by The Honourable Ed Husic in July last year, the outcomes of which have fed into this interim response.

Andrew Hammond commented 

Our involvement in the Ministerial Roundtable underscores our commitment to responsible adoption of AI. As AI presents implementation challenges, there is an urgent need for thorough, independent testing of AI and Machine Learning models. This is crucial to ensure their safe, responsible development, deployment, and usage.

Independent Testing of AI

The Safe and responsible AI in Australia consultation report by the Australian government highlighted a variety of key, immediate, and likely AI risks, categorized into technical, unpredictability and opacity, contextual, systemic, and unforeseen risks. While current regulations tackle some emerging risks, others remain unaddressed. The rapid pace and expansive scope of AI development and deployment raise concerns that even AI systems intended for legitimate uses may cause harm. This calls for increased testing, transparency, and oversight.

KJR looks forward to further engagement with the Government and collaborative efforts with other AI experts to refine the framework for the safe and responsible use of AI.


See the Safe and responsible AI in Australia consultation report by the Australian government