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The Collective

KJR’s Leadership Track Program Kicks Off for 3rd Year

The Collective
The KJR Leadership Track Program

The Leadership Track Program is a dedicated 8-month training program designed to encourage the growth of our consultants and empower them to cultivate their long-term career with KJR as leaders, tech professionals and mentors. 

This program is part of KJR’s commitment to continual learning and development, benefiting our consultants, their teams, and clients alike. It offers a select group of consultants the chance to enhance their leadership skills and mindset, empowering them to effectively lead both the KJR Collective and client teams while embodying KJR’s core values of Explorer, Champion, Truth-Teller, and Human. 

2022 and 2023 saw selected KJR staff across all regions complete the program. Trainees grew significantly during and after the course, improving in areas such as self- and others-awareness, ability to empathise and relate to customer managers, and manage and resolve situations of conflict and stress.

John D’Alton (long-time KJR Collective member and leader) emphasises the importance of providing on-the-ground mentoring directly within the context of individuals’ job roles. 

This approach ensures that mentoring is not only relevant but also practical, enabling consultants to apply newfound knowledge and skills immediately in their professional endeavors.

John D’Alton

The participants, course facilitators, and special guests will come together at regular intervals during the 8-month program.

2024 Participants

Based on feedback from prior participants, the 2024 Leadership Track Program has been updated with regards to key content and delivery format to optimise key learnings for the trainees. 

This year’s consultant intake met in Melbourne on March 14th for the first workshop of the program, featuring mentorship from several leaders within the KJR Collective. 

We collected some feedback from our 2024 participants on their experiences so far:  

Vineela Gonavaram, VIC Collective: “I am happy to be part of this Leadership track program as this group got a good mix of people working on different streams with different experience levels. It taught me not to be limited by my natural style and must turn fear of change to focused energy.” 

Stan Potums, QLD Collective: “I really gained a lot from today’s leadership track workshop. The many role-playing exercises and candid openness from the other participants significantly enhanced the learning experience! I’m very grateful to KJR for offering me this fantastic opportunity and look forward to the rest of the journey”. 

Chris Deacon, ACT Collective: “The leadership first catch up was a great experience, where we looked into each person’s DiSC profiles looking into strengths and areas of improvement. The course was well structured and thought out allowing each of us to experience, practice and explore those traits.” 

Kieran Murphy, QLD Collective: “My first day of the KJR Leadership Track Program was one of the best and most rewarding days I’ve had in my career. I hope to learn as much as I can and become a leader for the future at KJR.” 

Kieran Murphy

We look forward to providing further updates as this year’s participants progress in the program. Stay tuned!