Digital vs. Basketball: DevOps

Shooting the Breeze

17 September 2019

At KJR we love our sport almost as much as we love technology. With over 21 years of digital transformation projects under our belts and multiple lifetimes of witnessing the grit and grandeur of elite sports teams move towards ultimate success, we struck upon a theme. Or perhaps it was more the notion that when KJR teams deliver digital transformation projects to our clients, the driving factors of success are not too different to those of an elite sports team.

Our renewed partnership with WNBL reigning champions, the University of Canberra Capitals gave us the opportunity to explore this further and draw significant parallels to KJR’s three service pillars: Advisory & Assurance, Cybersecurity, and DevOps.

Rounding out our first three episodes is DevOps…

When it comes to DevOps, put down the tools and address your culture first. That’s how teams – tech, sport or otherwise – will rise to the challenge and achieve their goals.

The basketball play…

A champion basketball team need to be experts on their tools of trade – ball handling, shooting, agility, set plays. But a team of skilled individuals does not necessarily equate to a championship team at the end of the season. If the on-court and wider team are not engaged and committed to the same goals and journey, the game will fall apart. When it comes to teams delivering results, the sum of its parts is always greater than the talent of its individuals.

The digital play…

DevOps is a high-performance state of operation achieved when barriers are brought down between siloed teams and individual priorities. Yes, there are very important and useful tools available for DevOps practitioners, but before you become a master there needs to be an alignment of purpose and expectations across the wider stakeholder group. And this is something which can only come from communication and culture. When all stakeholders can communicate effectively, collaboration becomes much easier and the DevOps philosophy will start to work the way it is supposed to.

Jump over to our DevOps page for more info on the digital side of things.

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