KJR welcomes new General Manager for Queensland


2 July 2019

KJR is beyond excited to announce the appointment of Graham Cummins to the position of General Manager for Queensland. Graham comes to KJR jam-packed full of experience in providing B2B technology buyers with exceptional advice and service. Graham will head up KJR’s Queensland business, working closely with the KJR Collective to deliver quality and functional technology solutions to existing and new customers in Queensland.

"KJR’s pedigree in risk and assurance combined with its expertise in cybersecurity places it in a special category in the consulting space, however what makes KJR truly remarkable is the company culture that has allowed it retain its consultants for the long term, and in some instances, their entire careers!"
Graham Cummins

Tell me more…

Graham has been leading cross functional sales, product and consulting teams since 2001. An IT graduate who started his career at ground zero after the dot com bubble burst Graham entered the world of Telecommunications during an exciting period of industry de-regulation, international fibre network roll outs and data centre construction.

Working with Optus, PIPE Networks and Mitel, Graham has worked with industry heavyweights in Australia, the US and Canada. Returning to Australia in 2014, Graham took up residence with TechnologyOne where he worked on major business transformation projects across Australia.

Graham places great pride in his customer advocacy, loves seeing through successful digital transformation projects, and is wildly passionate about helping to grow the digital economy for the next generation of Queenslanders. And that next generation includes his three daughters, whom he volunteers with at youth focused technology events including Steamlabs and the TechGirls are Super Heroes series.

Away from the tech-world, Graham is much like many a Queenslander, spending time outdoors going for runs, swims, bikes, hikes, and…canoes! Taking a much-earned break with a well-brewed coffee or hearty Shiraz.

Join us in welcoming Graham, and if you’d like to catch up on how KJR can work with you, why not invite Graham for a coffee (or Shiraz)!

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